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Good Day

Can anyone tell me why in Sage Data Base editor there a green check mark beside the database file, see below.

And how do we remove it ? 

Using SQL 21.1

Thank you for any answer

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    Hello Hamidk

    This is the answer I got from Tim Cooke, so he gets all the credit.

    I used it and it works.

    Good Day

    From forum: Sage Estimating General Discussion

    Hi, Alan.  The green check mark means that that database is set up as your default database in the Estimating Management Console (EMC).  The reason you have multiple "default" databases (multiple check marks) is that you copied the the one that was set as default originally.   To fix this, open the EMC and go to the Database Tab.  In there right click on one of the databases that DOES NOT have a green check mark and set it to be the default database.  That should clear all of the checks expect that new one.  Now you can right click the database you really want to be your default and set it as such.

    Tim Cooke
    Aktion Associates


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    Worked! much appreciated.