• Which Estimating Version will be compatible with Accounting version 23.1?

    Which Estimating version will be compatible with Accounting version 23.1?
  • Estimating 19 compatible with Accounting 22.2?

    Trying to figure out which versions of Sage Estimating SQL are compatible with year end supported version 22.2. I'm seeing that Estimating 22.1 is compatible, but in the release notes it seems to say earlier versions of estimating sql are compatible.…
  • Estimating Assemblies Building - Offline

    We have a diverse amount of experience in our estimating department. Our assemblies have always been high level without a ton of details because we sub out 90% of the work. We have many junior estimators that have worked in the subcontracting world and…
  • Home Builders in Sage 100 Contractor Community?

    Our company recently purchased the Estimating Module for Sage 100 Contractor. We are a production builder, I would like to discuss how other builders have set up the numbering systems for parts, and assemblies etc. Please feel free to email me directly…
  • Third party equipment rental

    We have some equipment that we own and charge to jobs. We also rent equipment form third party suppliers. Is there a way to set up our third party rental rates in sage that will be visible in Sage Estimating?
  • PJ Change Request Estimate Change Request

    We are trying to bring over a change order from Estimating 18.4 to Account 18.4, but the option "Estimate Change Request" doesn't exist. Is there something we need to do to get PJ to allow us to import a change order? Thx, J
  • etakeoff locks up

    I'm running Windows 8.1 with Sage Estimating, Etakeoff, Bridge, Bluebeam Revu and Adobe Acrobat with 8 Gigs memory When I switch between projects in Etakeoff I'm getting this error You have 2 searches that need tto be reviewed. These can be reviewed…
  • estimating, job cost, & contract modules

    does anyone use estimating, job cost, and the contract modules (all 3)? I have questions on how to transfer data between them.
  • Means Integration: BCCD 2015 and TCCK 2015

    We recently ran the Means integrator on our BCCD database and discovered that some items in the database with "U26..." Price Codes did not update. We ran Transfer Data process first, using the BCCD 2015 and TCCK 2015 MIM files, to import new items into…