• Totals page rounding

    Amount on Total page is rounded. How do you stop the rounding and show amount to two decimal places?
  • Sage Estimating - cannot use "assembly, model or item takeoff".

    When I open Timberline, and select the "takeoff" tab, I cannot click on the "assembly, item and model takeoff" buttuns. They are grayed out. It cannot fix this. Any suggestions on why I cannot click on these? Seems like I have restricted access on this…
  • License Releasing

    Is there any way to release a license without calling tech support? I logged into my admin account but didn't find anything. A computer melted down, and now its license is unavailable.
  • Rounding tab on database item form

    What is the purpose of the rounding tab on the Database Item. For example, I have tried to round up to the closest drywall board (32 sq ft) or in the case of labor, to the next whole day. However, this feature does not seem to work. Am I missing a step…
  • Updating to current CSI codes

    My company is still using the 16 division CSI codes in Sage and I'm trying to figure out how to update sage to the current CSI codes. I'm finding that you can use the Means Integrator to update this, but it requires RSMeans Cost Data files, which I…
  • Sage Estimating 19.12 Core Plus Edit and save layouts

    When trying to modify and save spreadsheet layouts, I am having difficulty saving the changes, working with the "lock" icon in the order column. is there a tutorial just on layouts?
  • Decimal number unit price

    When I enter a unit price in an item details, i'm unable to enter a number with decimals, like 2,5. The software always round it up to 2. How can I fix that ?
  • Suggestion for WBS Default Value Prefill?

    When wanting to add take off when using a sort sequence that has many levels, let's say 4, you select the Default Values feature, and then for each of the four values, you select the appropriate WBS, each one, four times. Since the "Prefill" concept…
  • Estimate Catalog

    When using File Open in the File menu, is it possible to collapse the Estimate Catalog so that all of the folders are not open? I would like to collapse the Estimate Catalog so that only the Years are showing and I can drill down from there to find the…
  • Sage Estimating - one person can update at a time?

    Is there a way to implement a timeout option in Sage? There was a concern that since only one person can access an estimate at a given time, that if someone leaves an estimate open it’ll cause issues. Do we have a way to make Sage close if there is inactivity…
  • Has anyone had problems in deleting addresses from the address book in Estimating

    We just migrated our address from accounting to estimating. Now i'm trying to go into estimating to clean it up, and when i open the address book in estimating and i click on a company and hit the delete key, it is not working. Has anyone else had trouble…
  • Bug in Release 20.1?

    Bug in Release 20.1? When I export a report, not all the spreadsheet columns are hidden by default. Most of them are, but the ones at the end of the spreadsheet are not. There is a complicated workaround where a new layout is created with all columns…
  • adding Takeoff items not currently on the pick list in estimating 18.12

    I have updated the standard database with a few new cost codes. I thought they would be apart of the pick list when in estimating but they are not showing.
  • Version 18.12 - Insert Column Pop-up Window doesn't appear?

    When i go to insert a column and click insert... Pop-up window never appears and shows it's active on Windows 10, however it's nowhere to be found. Same thing happens to the "Estimate Info" button/ pop-up. How can this be fixed? I can't update the…
  • Job Cost Phase selection not working

    Sage 300 CRE Accounting 18.4.1 & Estimating 18.1.2 It appears there may be an issue with the integration with our Estimating & Acconting. When we try to select a job cost phase in the item details - Unit Costs - Job Cost Phase window and click on the…
  • Job cost item number

    When looking into item details I don't see job cost affiliated to the item?
  • How do you Display group and phase totals without collapsing the estimate?

  • Estimating Addons

    I want to add some addons that are based on the project duration that I enter in Estimate info. I have entered the duration on the Estimate info as " 3 weeks" I have set up an addon with a cost basis of "Project Info" The source is the Estimate…
  • Can you create new assemblies? please help

    I am taking off a project but there are plenty of wall types and materials that are not included in the existing assemblies. Is it possible to create a new assembly? Can anyone please answer this question it would be greatly appreciated
  • Alternates

    How do you set up alternate bids in Sage Estimating