New Branding, More Productivity - Sage Fixed Assets Release 2023.0

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Bold, Simplify, Trust, and Human.

These are the values of Sage. You will find them reflected throughout our latest release coming September 1, 2022, Sage Fixed Assets 2023.0.  These are not new values, but it is the first time Sage is openly sharing them with our customers. Making these values the driving force behind our products and in the partnership with our customers. Review the table below to understand how these values drive what the Sage Fixed Assets team is doing for you.

What the Sage Values Mean

Sage Value

What they mean to us

How they benefit you

Bold Innovating and taking chances on new ideas to bring better features and products to our customers. A product full of robust features that give you the confidence to make bold business decisions.
 Simplify  Designing intuitive features that reduce repetitive manual interactions in the daily work of our customers. The ability to directly integrate with financial and tax products, perform bulk functions, and simplify daily tasks to improve your workflow and productivity.
Trust Understanding how our customers use their information, providing the tools, and ensuring their accuracy. Being able to rely on accurate calculations and reports you can trust when sharing information internally and with third parties.
Human Listening to customer product suggestions, designing easy-to-use features, and presenting features and documentation in everyday language. A product with a human touch - consistency among similar features, step-by-step instructions when needed, and easy-to-follow screen layouts.

Features and Enhancements

See how the 2023.0 release can improve your productivity and efficiency. 

Opening Screens

You will find the new Sage logo and values woven throughout this new release, starting with our fresh new Splash and Feature Tip screens.

Our new branding is a bold symbol of our commitment to you to continue creating more innovative tools to make operating and growing your business easier.

My Views

Switch between saved views (My Views) of the Asset List to display the data you need. My Views can be applied to any of your companies to save time.

My Views is a surprisingly simple way to improve your workflow and productivity.

Sage Intacct Accounts Payable (AP) Link*

A great way to directly create assets in Sage Fixed Assets from the Sage Intacct Accounts Payable module.  

After a brief setup, you can begin creating your assets directly from AP invoices.

We are always trying to ways to make better use of available data and reduce potential data-entry errors while also improving overall efficiency for our customers.

*subscription or free trial required

Last Scan Date – Tracking only

If you have ever wondered when the last time an asset was scanned, then you are going to love the Last Scan Date feature.  

Go to Customize > Customize Fields > set up a custom field with the Make Last Inv. Date Field button. You will see the Last Scan Date after you complete your next asset inventory.

This customer-requested feature makes it easier to know the status of all your fixed assets in Tracking.  

Sage Fixed Assets Scanner version 2.1 - Tracking only

Customers asked for a way to easily filter asset categories during a physical asset inventory.  Now you can view the Asset List by New, Found, or Not Found with a single tap.

We took the bold approach of redesigning the screen to simplify the fixed asset inventory process, improve productivity, and save our customers one of their most valuable resources - time.

Export Asset History Events to Excel

Save the Asset History Events utility report to Excel to organize the data in a way that fits the needs of your business by clicking the Export to Excel button.

You asked for more flexibility in formatting and data analysis when managing your data. We added a new reporting format with an easy-to-follow automatic file naming convention in spreadsheet form.

More Information

We hope you see the Sage Fixed Assets team as your partner in business. For more details about the features and enhancements in this release come back to Sage City for the SFA 2023.0 Release Notes and announcements about the What's New webinar. More information about these product features can also be found in the Help files for each product.


Click on the link to Register for the What's New in Sage Fixed Assets release 2023.0 webinar on September 8, 2022 at 2 pm ET