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I have an old server that needs to be decommissioned and there's Sage Fixed Assets Network Depreciation v2015.1 as well as Sage Fixed Asset Network Server Depreciation v2015.1 on there. Are they different programs or one is the server and one is the client? Customer wants to just move the software to another server and not upgrade. I found what I thought was the install file but it's not installing the database utility only Depreciation Network so I think I have the wrong install file. 

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    Hello DHalpin,

    The Network installation works like this. The download file is the server install and as a part of that installation in drops the Client install into the SFAServ folder.

    It sounds like that you found the Client installation. So, you will be looking for a downloaded file somewhere either on that server or elsewhere on your network.

    Since the 2015.1 is no longer available for download for the Network Server install, you would be looking for a Setup.exe file with a last modified date of 1/27/2015 (or at least in 2015) that is 1,183,412 KB (1.12 GB) with the Product name of Sage Fixed Assets – Network Server under the File’s properties on the Details tab.

    If you cannot find that file, and plus the fact that unless you still have an old 2008 or 2012 windows server around to run it on, 2015.1 was never supported on Server 2016 or higher, you will have no choice but to update. The good news is that the BBK files created through the Company Backup in 2015.1 will restore into the newest product without an issue.


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    Thank you Delray. This information was extremely helpful. I found the server install based on the size you gave me and migrated successfully. It was in a very unusual location. Much appreciated!

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