How to handle Save Fixed Assets when the business is purchased


I would like to know how to record the sale of all assets when the business is sold but we want to keep all the history. The assets were sold at a fair market value so is there a way to keep the history but revalue the assets? 

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    Hello Ann,

    The thing is, you are talking about two mutually exclusive processes because it is two different types of calculations involved. First you have the disposal calculation, done in the program, then there is the fair market value which is done outside of the program. While that fair market value may or may not be the Net book value, the disposal and the required calculation for that disposal comes first.

    You cannot have a disposal and then have a revaluation in the same asset.

    Since you are looking to keep the history, the simplest thing to do would be to Backup the company, then Restore the company under a different name, then do the disposal in one of those companies and the revaluation in the other.

    And yet there are other answers to this same question.


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    Hi Ann,

    Here's another option. It's hard to give a precise answer because the nature of the sale and revaluation, and thus your needs, can vary. Some customers prefer to keep the assets in the original company. In this case, they copy the original book(s), with it's historical cost, PIS date, etc.,  to an unused book. Then, adjust the value of the assets in the original book to FMV, change to the new PIS date, etc.

    The advantage: you can continue to run depreciation on the revalued assets (the original book) and the historical assets (the copy-to-book) for comparison purposes. This method works well if the sale affects the internal (GAAP) accounting only, and the tax book needs to continue at the historical amounts. The downside is you can't dispose of the original value of the assets in Sage Fixed Assets, as an individual book can't be disposed of. But it sounds like that may not be necessary, in  your scenario.