Asset Database


Hello.  I am new to using Sage and have next to no notes left from my predecessor and no one else on my team seems to have much info, if at all, on the software.  I have noticed in some areas (although now I can't find it of course) where it mentions "Asset23" in a "Database" field I believe.  Do I need to change this to "Asset24" for the new calendar year of 2024?  Or is this like the "version" of Sage FA and only changes if I update the entire version?  Right now I'm on version 2023.1.

Is this something I need to do for January depreciation and adds, disposals, etc to work correctly?  And if so is that my job (as the accountant) or our company IT folks?  Or Sage themselves?  Or am I simply  reading too much into this :) ?

Thank you for your time and help with this matter, I greatly appreciate it!