Fiscal year calendar change in Sage 100 linked to SFA


In Sage 100 changed the GL fiscal year calendar to 4/4/5 so in Sage 100 Fixed Asset Options changed the GL Ending Dates. Do we change the fixed asset ending date to match the GL date? And how does this impact Sage Fixed Assets? Is there somewhere in SFA that has the fiscal year calendar? Only see in company what the fiscal year end month is and nothing else. Thank you.

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    Hello Dhalpin,

    The Sage 100 link was written by Sage 100 and will only connect to the Network product. To get a 4-4-5 calendar in Sage Fixed Assets you need to be on the Premier product. That means you can get a matching calendar between Sage Fixed Assets and Sage 100, but then the Sage 100 link will no longer work.

    Will the posting still work? From the information I have been able to gather, I would say no, since one of the criteria for the link to work is that the closing dates match.


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    Thank you for this reply. So if you have a 4-4-5 calendar you and you're on SFA premier can you still use the sage 100 link?

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