Change in acquired value after depreciation has begun


I have an asset that we want to add additional installation costs to the overall acquired value in Sage therefore it would increase the overall value of the asset. The only problem is my predecessor already set the asset in service a couple of months back and it has begun depreciation at the lesser value. I believe all I need to do is update the value to the greater amount with the install costs and make the changes effective for the 'Current through date' so no previous deprecation is impacted. (I do not want to stray from tying with my existing GL accumulated deprecation).

The ultimate question I have here, is Sage "smart" enough to realize the updated value the next time that depreciation is ran and recalculate the depreciate so that it will be fully depreciated at the same end date? Or will it be under depreciated at the end of the asset life because of the additional amount?  For reference I currently have my depreciation method set to SL, so maybe this would require a change to RV but unsure if Sage can inherently handle the adjustment with no further action on my end other than adjusting the amount with the current through date option.