Sage Fixed Assets - Depreciation/Network



I've installed the software to one of the user computers. when we tried to open the software, we are getting this error.

Database upgrade

The current database could not be opened because it is designed for use by a newer Sage Software Application.

I've reinstalled the software but still no luck.

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    Hello Wali,

    What that error message says to me is that you managed to find an install an older version of the client. My first guess would be multiple installs of the Network Server on your network but only the newer engine currently running.

    Uninstall this client, and ensure you know switch server the Network server is install onto, ensure the SFAServ directory is shared out on that server and install the client from there.

    But I am just wildly guessing. You best bet would be to contact support through the live chat Pegg Webchat or submit a support ticket through the customer portal site Submit A New Case - Sage Customer Portal.