Difference between Sages and Aurora, how to remove transaction with field T (tranferred), disposal or what?

Hi Sage support,
We need to remove those yellow lines (it got generating unbalance between Sage and Aurora), but we dont know how is the correct way to do those. We cannot do the disposal due to those have status T or K due to they were transferred. Please we need to solve that due to obtain report at the end of May.

 I will wait your prompt answer.


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    Hi Lilia,

    I'm not familiar with Aurora or sure what amounts you are reconciling. However, chances are you can delete the highlighted assets from your Excel file to reconcile. Your report may include the value of the assets twice. Here's why:

    Assets with an activity code of K means they were transferred in Sage Fixed Assets and are now inactive. A new asset with a new system number was created. The new asset is often called the child asset. The application doesn't allow you to dispose of the original (parent) asset because it is inactive.

    There are different ways you can confirm this, such as:

    •  Go to the asset details for your highlighted assets. On the Transactions tab, you will see the system number of the child asset. The image below is an example.

    • Run the Transfer report to see a list of all transfers with their original and new system numbers. 

    With either approach, check to see if the child asset is also in your report. 

    I hope this helps.