• Fixed assets reversal process stuck

    I'm trying to reverse the posted depreciation, as we need to put some assets into service related to the prior month. Unfortunately when I tried to reverse the depreciation it has been stuck in this process for days now.
  • MACRS Convention Switch - how long can it take?

    We have an almost-last-minute switch to midquarter for MACRS. There are about 8,000 asset additions and I have completed about 250 transfers and 800 disposals (with more to go). I started the switch to midquarter yesterday, so it has been running for…
  • Incorrect Depreciation This Run on Disposal

    We did a bulk disposal with proceeds that allocated out to all the disposed assets, as of 2/1/2024. Most of the assets disposed correctly but a few are adding in $0.01 to "Depreciation this run" throwing off our expense account. I ran a 2024 monthly projection…
  • Bonus Depreciation

    In 2023, 80% of asset purchases can have their depreciation booked immediately (so instead of spreading it over the useful life…the cost of the asset is booked to A/D immediately). How do we accomplish going back and taking the bonus depreciation in Sage…
  • 100% bonus depreciation coming back for 2023 tax year?

    I have seen some things online about 100% bonus coming back for the 2023 tax year? Do you know if this is true or not? I am assuming not since Sage has it set at 80% still.
  • Fixed asset removal? deletion? recalculating depreciation

    I entered 19 assets in 2023, starting in March. I didn't realize the $$ threshold had increased from $2k to $5...sooo I need to remove 8 assets and the depreciation that we have taken throughout 2023 and rerun Decembers depreciation for year end? We do…
  • Sage Fixed Assets

    I recently setup a new company in FAS. We are a heavy equipment rental company, and depreciate the equipment. Starting in 2022, we transfer the equipment to our sales department, who then sells the used equipment. In the past we were disposing of the…
  • My depreciation are not calculating correctly

    when I calculated the depreciation, the "prior through" are gone from reports, so beginning accumulated depreciation are not correct. I tried recalculating as of 12/31/22 then redid depreciation from 1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023, but nothing changes. how should…
  • Depreciation this run is incorrect

    Hi, I just reran depreciation for Nov-23 and the grand total for Depreciation This Run is $14M, which is like 95% of total Accumulated Depreciation, which is $15M. I expect the depreciation for Nov-23 to be around 200k, give or take. I then proceed…
  • Adjusting Accumulated Depreciation

    I have a lease in Fixed Assets that has been renewed. I need to change the acquisition dollar amount and the estimated life but keep the depreciation that has already accumulated. What is the best way to do this?
  • 2023 Bonus not showing in Current YTD for some assets

    Why is bonus not showing in current YTD for some of my assets that were placed in service for 2023? has anyone see this?
  • 2023 Bonus Depreciation

    I thought the cap for luxury autos changed from $18,200 to $20,200 in 2023 but I have some autos still showing 18,200. I did confirm PIS dates, so I am not understanding why so of my autos are not showing the max bonus amount.
  • Lease Improvement with no lease

    Hi, We replaced an AC condensing unit for one of our warehouses. What is the internal book estimated life on a lease that is month to month? Or do we expense it?
  • Straight line Mid month

    Weather the SLMM method calculates the depreciation for 10 days. If not can i get the reason that why its not getting calculated.
  • Additions not showing

    I have added new equipment via import...changed my group to reflect change and it still pulls blank file. Tried to depreciate and it still wont show new under additions.
  • Property Type Z - SLMM or SLFM

    The default Depreciation Method for "Z" property type is now SLFM or Straight-line, Full-month. I believe the default was SLMM or Straight-line, Mid-month. When did this change and does this cause a change in accounting method?
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation

    I need to take an extra month of depreciation for 1 particular asset. Is there a way to take 2 months of depreciation the next time I run depreciation for all assets?
  • Assets having 0 depreciation in projections

    Hello, I recently added 178 lines to a new company in SAGE. These assets had 3 different class codes and were all depreciation method RV. For some reason when I run the depreciation projection, 41 of them are showing as 0 and I can't figure out why…
  • Held for Sale option?

    Hello, I have a few units in FAS that are currently being held for sale. With that, I need to stop depreciation on them. Is there an option to mark these units as 'Held for sale' within FAS outside of disposing them? I don't want to record a loss…
  • 2023 Bonus Depreciation

    According to the tax regulation, bonus depreciation now ramps down to 80%, starting in 2023. However, in the software, the input dropdown option is either 50%, or 100%. How to make the software calculate an 80% bonus depreciation on the fixed assets?…
  • How to handle Save Fixed Assets when the business is purchased

    I would like to know how to record the sale of all assets when the business is sold but we want to keep all the history. The assets were sold at a fair market value so is there a way to keep the history but revalue the assets?
  • Depreciation Calculation

    I'm new to Ainak and trying to calculate depreciation expense. If I run the report, depreciation is not calculating correctly. For example, it calculates depreciation for fully depreciated assets. Please let me know how to fix the issue.
  • placed in service date and life mismatch

    Hello! If I put a placed in service date of 2005 but I only want it to depreciate over 5 years will sage know to depreciate based off of the useful life column rather than the placed in service date?
  • Depreciate unpaid asset

    Asset was received, but we have not received an invoice. can an asset be depreciated before it is paid for?
  • Disposals

    Hello, When we process disposals between periods, the Internal depreciation calculation will not calculate for the disposed assets. The depreciation is calculated for Tax. Has anybody experienced this before? Thank you,