• Sage Fixed Assets Lite Depreciation - Single User

    Program won't load. They said it's Norton and they can't do anything about it. Norton says that the file that runs Lite Depreciation is in good standing with Norton and there are no issues. Any ideas what else could be blocking it?
  • Sage Fixed Asset Download v2021 Network Depreciation Install File Request

    Would anyone have the Sage Fixed Asset v2021 Network Depreciation download install file to share? It's not posted by Sage anymore and it appears that if you do not have a server move you cannot update v2020 directly to v2024.
  • Sage Fixed Assets Single User 2019.1

    Does anyone have the install files for Sage Fixed Assets Singer User 2019.1 that they can share with me? I see it installed on a workstation but the install files are not there or least I cannot find them. Thanks.
  • Old FAS v2015 version migration issue

    I have an old server that needs to be decommissioned and there's Sage Fixed Assets Network Depreciation v2015.1 as well as Sage Fixed Asset Network Server Depreciation v2015.1 on there. Are they different programs or one is the server and one is the client…
  • When will the 2015 update for the PATH act passed 12/18/15 be available?

    The PATH act extending section 168 bonus deprecation into 2015 with a retroactive effective date of 1/1/15 passed on 12/18/15. When will the Sage Fixed Assets software update that includes the provisions of this legislation be released for install? We…
  • Updating Software Versions

    I am attempting to upgrade my Sage Lite Depreciation software as I received an email saying an update was available. We are still using the version from 2012 and when I try to update to a more recent version, it states that I need to be using the previous…
  • FAS 2012.1

    Does anyone know how to get a copy of Sage FAS 2012.1?
  • Install Sage Depreciation Network 2017/1 Error

    Hello, Sage starts fine locally on App-V Sequencer machine. Running in Citrix with MS App-V program starts, but something is wrong, checking sage seats. Can someone help me which Files or Registry keys are missing ? What is the mechanism whenn starting…
  • Question about upgrading from 2017.0 to 2017.1

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade Safe fixed asset network from 2017.0 to 2020.1. but first, i need to upgrade from 2017.0 to 2017.1, then from 2017.1 to 2018.1 When I initiated the 2018.1 setup it says: “the installation will upgrade to the 2018.1 release…