• Projection Report with Planning and Depreciation

    Hello - There isn't a projection report option available in the planning application. Is it possible to include the current items in planning within the projection report in the depreciation application?
  • Blank Tax Depreciation report

    Running Standard Depreciation report on tax basis is coming out blank, I get data when I switch to internal. I ran it on all complete assets and active asset and tax basis is always blank. running 2024.0 version.
  • History report for past years after fixing tax codes?

    Hello - we have a client that is asking the following - While working on our taxes for 2023, I realized I had a couple assets with incorrect Tax codes, so I fixed these. I tried to rerun the report to show the 2023 Deprecation, and all I get is the…
  • depreciation summary asset subtotal report does not show all of the assets

    ran period close yesterday. moving on to January 2024. Ran the Depreciation Summary Asset Subtotal and all it lists is one asset- land. There are many more assets. What happened?
  • Print Labels out of Sage Fixed Assets

    Have a request to print labels out of Sage Fixed Assets. Is this possible using SFA crystal reports or would they need to purchase the report writer or would they need to purchase Sage Fixed Asset Tracking?
  • Asset Listing without prior years disposals

    I want to be able to see a current list of assets including current years disposals. I do not want to see disposals from prior years.
  • Cannot print anymore because of print error

    We no longer can print to the screen nor a printer due to a printer error. Help!
  • Less Disposals and transfers

    All, I have ran my Depreciation Expense report and under the Grand Total section, it is not showing the "Less disposals and transfers" amount on this report. I have obviously missed a few steps, what do I need to do to fix this? Thank you.
  • Sage Fixed Assets

    How do you run a net book value report for disposals in FY23
  • Sage Fixed Assets - Depreciation

    Is there any way to run a report to pull just fully depreciated assets? Thanks!