• User having display issues

    I have a user running the fixed assest software. He is experiencing a random display issue. I verified display settings and everything looks fine. You can see in the image, it's overlapping characters/lines. Has anyone seen this issue before?
  • MACRS Convention Switch - how long can it take?

    We have an almost-last-minute switch to midquarter for MACRS. There are about 8,000 asset additions and I have completed about 250 transfers and 800 disposals (with more to go). I started the switch to midquarter yesterday, so it has been running for…
  • error unable to create name resolver

    We are getting the following error when trying to open FAS: Unable to create name resolver - this is happening only on the server we use for FAS, it is not happening on client installs. I did notice that the FAS version on this desktop is lower than the…
  • Unable to resolve name resolver

    What does this error mean? Thanks