• Image Orientation cannot change

    I have to link images and if I change the orientation of the image it still comes into fixed assets as the original orientation. Is there a workaround for this? (SFA network 2024.1)
  • Fiscal year calendar change in Sage 100 linked to SFA

    In Sage 100 changed the GL fiscal year calendar to 4/4/5 so in Sage 100 Fixed Asset Options changed the GL Ending Dates. Do we change the fixed asset ending date to match the GL date? And how does this impact Sage Fixed Assets? Is there somewhere in SFA…
  • mid month depreciation

    can i add sl mid month depreciation to the depreciation drop down list
  • Error trying to download the list of inventory

    When downloading from one drive to the sage scanner app show this - Error message - " An error occurred while trying to download the list of inventory files. Contact customer support using the Chat with support feature on this app"
  • Copy Book isn't working

    I need help trying to copy the tax book into a new book. I have gotten it to work in the past but it is no longer working. This happened when we upgraded to 2023.1.