• Moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to Single User 2024

    Looking to see what the options are for moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to a single user installed on a single workstation of 2024. Just started working with a client and discovered they are running this version and its running on a Windows…
  • integrating fully depreciated assets

    We acquired a company where all the assets were fully depreciated. I am trying to add the fully depreciated assets to our Sage Fixed Assets program. How do I add an asset with value that is already fully depreciated?
  • Depreciate unpaid asset

    Asset was received, but we have not received an invoice. can an asset be depreciated before it is paid for?

    Does Sage FA allow for the calculation of NBV for a prior period (Month)?
  • Cannot open the FAS program

    Dear Friends at SAGE CITY, When I try to open my Sage 50 Asset Accounting Program I get the message..."Main Application Executable has stopped working". Has anyone encountered this problem? I would be grateful for any help in solving this. Many…
  • Smartlist Changes with Reportin

    I inherited a messy set of fixed asset records and am looking to clean it up a bit. If I change the names of smartlist items, will I need to rebuild any reports that reference the old names or will Sage know to update the reporting criteria with the new…
  • Monthly Depreciation

    My predicessor said that we don't have to manually do anything for the depreciation to run each month. Is that correct?
  • Create New Development SQL Database

    Hi, my company is using FAS Premier Depreciation and Tracking software. We have an Application server with FAS installed and then we have a SQL server instance with the production DB on it. We are in need of creating a 2nd SQL DB but on a differnet SQL…
  • Install Fixed Assets, but not from the server

    Hi all, Has anyone had issues installing the client from a location other than the server? I'm hoping to package the install and install it to a VDI. thanks, Rob
  • November Current Depreciation is too high

    When I ran depreciation for November month end, it appears that the current depreciation is multiplied by seven on all reports. Acquired Value and Current Accum Depreciation are correct. Re-running it has made no difference, even when selecting "Force…
  • Best practice for handling an asset that should not have been capitalized

    In 2014 there were two software subscriptions that were capitalized that should not have been. This was discovered in January 2015. What is the best practice for handling an asset that was capitalized in a prior period, but should not have been? I don…
  • What are the best practices for request of prior year reports by auditors?

    Hello, I have our live FAS listing in the current year (2015), and run monthly depreciation. When I am asked by auditors for FAS listing of prior years, (for example: 2011), I open a save copy of the 2011 company, create a report and send it over. However…
  • Beginning Balance vs. Acquisitions on FA Summary

    I have assets that were added into Sage Fixed Assets in 2015, but the actual DPIS is in 2014. I need to be able to show the Cost of the asset in the Additions column of the Fixed Asset Summary Report, not the Beginning Balance. I use this report for my…
  • Record catch up depreciation in current period, and show that catch up in the current period, not prior period

    I often have new additions that have a in-service date from several months ago, but the cost was not recorded until the current period. I know that I can back-date the acquisition date and/or the in-service date and catch up depreciation will be calculated…
  • Changing Salvage Value to Zero

    I recently took over the Fixed Assets at our company. I notice that some assets were put in the Fixed Asset program with a Salvage Value for the Internal book. Some of the assets are still being depreciating and some of them reached the end of their Estimated…
  • Straight Line Method Outdated???????

    In setting up a new asset, I always choose Straight Line method but I always get a message saying this method is Outdated. Which method should I be choosing instead? MF200 (MACRS formula) is the method that seems to be the default.
  • Where I can find previous versions of the FAS updates?

    Would anyone have information on where I can find previous versions of versions of the FAS updates? I'm specifically looking for 2012 and 2013 updates. We need to become current on our software and a couple of updates are missing.
  • Sage Fixed Assets compatibility with Sage 300 ERP

    Anyone running Sage Fixed Assets and Sage 300 ERP on the same server? Are there any compatibility issues? Does Sage has a formal document/white paper in this regard? Basically trying to find best practises
  • Update

    We are new to Fixed Assets. We just got the new version last month. Our first Advisor Update appeared. When we download and attempt to run the patch we receive a pop-up, a prior version has been detected and will be removed. We only have the original…
  • Period Close was accidentally cleared, how can I reset it?

    Hi, The end-of-year Period Close was accidentally cleared and I need to reset it. The last fiscal year-end is 6/30/2017 and depreciation has been run thru 3/31/2018. Thanks Tim
  • Unable to connect 2018.1 to existing database in network drive

    Unable to connect 2018.1 to existing database in network drive We have a user who has 2017.1 currently installed and needs to upgrade to 2018.1. The new software was installed but we are unable to connect 2018.1 to the existing database. I know it is…
  • retired assets

    A division of our company was sold and along with the sale was about 1/3 of the assets on our books. Is there a way to delete these retired assets from our database?
  • Negative Acquired Value reported different on Fixed Asset reports

    Have a client that just started using Fixed Assets this past year, with 12/31/17 figured imported. They have a number of assets with a negative cost. These are calculating correctly into the Total Acquired Value, but not in Depreciable Basis on the…
  • Period Close Processing Exception Error

    New user to Sage Fixed Assets here and I'm trying to close the fixed assets for a period period and I'm getting an error that says, "Closing Date does not match the Sage Fixed Asset ending date." There is a list of assets on the exception report. Anyone…
  • FAS 2018.1 and SQL 2012 SP4

    We are planning on upgrading our SQL from 2012 SP3 to SP4 (11.0.7001.0). I just wanted to see if others have already done this, and if they had any issues.