• Acquired Value Field Blank

    Hi, Why is the Acquired Value field on the main asset page shows zeros, but the rest of the other field shows info? After capitalizing an asset in the Asset Detail page by keying in the fields such as description, location, account numbers, acquisition…
  • Budgetary Projections

    New to SAGE FAS but very familar with SAP and Oracle. I would like to create an export file (excel or XML) that contains the list of our assets with their future period depreciation projections by each individual asset. The standard report only shows…
  • Install Fixed Assets, but not from the server

    Hi all, Has anyone had issues installing the client from a location other than the server? I'm hoping to package the install and install it to a VDI. thanks, Rob
  • November Current Depreciation is too high

    When I ran depreciation for November month end, it appears that the current depreciation is multiplied by seven on all reports. Acquired Value and Current Accum Depreciation are correct. Re-running it has made no difference, even when selecting "Force…
  • Depreciation Link - Universal or Microsoft SL

    We use Microsoft Dynamics SL as our accounting software and were looking at purchasing the GL Link, but I see there are a couple of options. Is one better than the other? Deciding between the Universal Link and Microsoft SL specifically. I was told…
  • FYI: It is NOT entirely possible to backup your companies & security is very difficult

    We recently needed to move our entire program SAGE & all associated data to a new server. We were very surprised to find that there is no way to migrate to the new server without losing all the users and BOTH the "system level security" AND the "company…
  • Negative Acquired Value reported different on Fixed Asset reports

    Have a client that just started using Fixed Assets this past year, with 12/31/17 figured imported. They have a number of assets with a negative cost. These are calculating correctly into the Total Acquired Value, but not in Depreciable Basis on the…
  • FAS 2012.1

    Does anyone know how to get a copy of Sage FAS 2012.1?
  • Fixed Asset Disposal

    For the Period of July 2018 our company as disposed of some fixed assets... For August we have run the Depreciation Process for this period and the Integration Report still showing the Fixed Asset disposed of in July (The Ending Cost and Depreciation…
  • Fixed Asset 2018.1 Client Crashes After Installation Windows 7

    pp-communityhub.sage.com/.../FAS-Install-Client-Problem.docx We recently upgraded our FAS server side to 2018.1. I am attempting to install the Premier Client on Windows 7 workstations. After the installation and reboot when trying to open the Premier…
  • Adding a Depreciation Book

    We're looking at adding a Depreciation book to those already in use (Tax, Internal, etc.). Is there a way to do this what would not involve going into each individual asset to update the data?
  • How do I fix the following issue to use Sage Fixed Assets?

    How can I fix this issue? I was reading that the engine name should match the SQL server name. Where would I find this information? Sometimes when I open SAGE I do not have this issue. Any help is appreciated.
  • Looking to change Estimated Life and GL Asset and Accum Numbers

    Hello all, We want to reclassify an asset from machinery to computer equipment. We originally had this asset set up with an estimated life of eight years, now we need it to be changed to five years. The asset has been depreciated for six months already…
  • Upgrading application SQL Server to 2014

    Hi, My group has been task with updating our SQL Server to 2014. This is were the application and config databases are stored. What are the best practices for performing such a task? We are also using crystal reports but based off the system requirements…
  • Sage Premier Depreciation Compatibility with 64-Bit MS Office

    Hello, Is Sage Premier Depreciation 2018.1 (and future revs) compatible with 64-bit Microsoft Office. I use Excel to perform custom imports (as .csv) and also export various reports to excel. Thank you, BW78
  • Impairment of LHI Assets

    At the end of 2017, I set up impairment contra-assets in order to write down the value of the Leasehold Improvements booked prior to the impairment analysis. I set them up so that they would fully depreciate at the end of the lease, as the LHI assets…
  • Vehicle Trade In

    We traded in a vehicle for $26k this month (fully depreciation on internal, but not on tax books). What method do I use to dispose of the vehicle? This vehicle was created with a property type of 'P'. When adding the new vehicle, do I use the full purchase…
  • webinar "Learn about the improvements in Sage Fixed Assets 2019.1" yesterday.

    I missed the webinar "Learn about the improvements in Sage Fixed Assets 2019.1" yesterday. Is it possible to get a recording of that webinar?
  • Getting support

    Is there a way customers can create, update and close support tickets or must all such things be done via chat only? I went thru 3 people today before finding someone at SAGE who could actually open a case for F/A 2018 The CATEGORY dropdown on this…
  • Upgraded single user system to 2019.1; now user receiving new system. How to transfer data to new system?

    Recently completed FAS upgrade to 2019.1. Now customer receiving new system. How do I setup new system to include old systems FAS data?
  • Install Sage Depreciation Network 2017/1 Error

    Hello, Sage starts fine locally on App-V Sequencer machine. Running in Citrix with MS App-V program starts, but something is wrong, checking sage seats. Can someone help me which Files or Registry keys are missing ? What is the mechanism whenn starting…
  • Fixed Asset Register

    The rate and useful economic life of the asset is in 3 yrs and should be 36 months,the systems is in month.Please, Can someone help where should i go and make such changes ? Please help me
  • Sandbox Test Area for Sage Fixed Assets

    Is there a sand box for Sage Fixed Assets where I can test running depreciation twice for February 2019?
  • Combining Fixed Asset Databases

    I am trying to combine two fixed asset databases in the Sage fixed asset system. Currently, we have two databases, one of which contains a total of close to 18,000 fixed assets, and the second one contains a subset of around 7,000 of the fixed assets…
  • Unadjusted basis for qualified property report for new QBI reporting

    Is there a pre-set report for this in SAGE?