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What should I be backing up for HRMS and ESS/HRMS Web?

Files to Backup
• HRMS Server
    ○ \SageHRMSServer\Payroll
    ○ \SageHRMSServer\Data
• ESS/HRMS Web Server
    ○ \Program Files (x86)\Sage Software\Sage Employee Self Service\CustomFiles
• Workstation(only if custom reports are on the clients instead of the server)
    ○ \Program Files (x86)\Sage\Sage Accpac\
• SQL Server Databases
    ○ Live 
        ○ Default: SageHRMS_Live 
    ○ System Payroll
        ○ Default: SageHRMS_SYS
    ○ All Company Databases
        ○ Default: SageHRMS_XXX (your company codes in place of XXX)
    ○ ESS/HRMS Web Database 
        ○ Default: AbraEmployeeSelfService
    ○ Store and Vault Databases (For 2024 Q1 update and newer)
        ○ Default: SageHRMS_Store
        ○ Default: SageHRMS_Vault