NACHA requirements for micro-entries


Has anyone addressed the NACHA requirement for Micro-Entries on ACH Networks?  This is the use of "ACCTVERIFY" in Record 5 Position 54-63 for pre-noting and Company Name requirement?

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    Did manage to find this article updated Oct 04th 2022 with details for Micro-Entries on ACH. I've pasted the resolution details below.

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    After reviewing the new requirements in NACHA, the ask is to ensure that micro entries are following the requirements listed below. When we are sending Pre-Notification in Payroll EFT, we are not sending micro entries to the bank. No Action is required.

    However, you can always send Pre-Notification according to NACHA requirements by entering “ACCTVERIFY” to the Entry Description field for Pre-Notification (see screen print). This description needs to be enter on the EFT screen each time Prenotification EFT file is generated in Payroll.