Sage HRMS Q4 2023 Existing Version - Remove Import Timesheet

After reading the release notes for the Q4 2023 update, what does it mean by 'Remove Import Timesheet'? It says it will be removed from the Process Payroll map.

Does that mean we will no longer be able to import CSV files in the 'Timecard List' step? How will we import our worked hours after the Q4 update?

Process Payroll steps

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     Hello JSTROTHER

    We removed an old “Import Timesheet” interface from Sage HRMS Payroll as noted on our Q4 2023  Release Notes. This older Timesheet interface application program was integrated with our application years ago which is no longer supported. Sage HRMS Payroll have its own import utility to import Timecards, General Ledger data, etc.. which is our standard timecards import utility within Sage HRMS Payroll, this utility remains. To import timecards data to Sage HRMS Payroll. Click Timecard List as shown on your screen print, click New…, click File, select import to import timecards.

    For more details on what type of import file is supported in Sage HRMS Payroll, or how to import data to Sage HRMS Payroll, see the Sage HRMS Payroll Getting Started Guide manual from the Sage HRMS Help Menu, Product Documentation or access the Help Menu, Search Help. Search the key word “Import Timecards.”