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Does anyone know if there is a way to use the benefit letter in HRMS and have it only pull current plan information?

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    A standard benefit report (one run from the HR Benefit Reports menu in Sage HRMS) pulls employee records based on the Effective Date the user enters on the report's Specific Criteria tab.

    This Effective Date is compared to the effective dates and 'Latest Change to Amounts' dates for each benefit record on an employee's Insurance Benefits or Savings Benefits panel when the system determines which records to display.

    If there are multiple records (history and current) for a benefit code and the user want the current record to display on the report, the current record's 'Latest Change to Amounts' date must be populated with a date greater than the Effective Date selected for the report.

    If the user is unable to populate or correct dates, the following expression may be applied to the report as a workaround:

    1. Access the report's Standard Criteria tab
    2. From the Custom Criteria drop-down menu, select "Visual FoxPro Expression Builder"
    3. Enter following expression: INLIST(Be.b_beneid,"I","S") AND (Be.b_expdate > DATE() OR Be.b_expdate={ })
    4. Print or preview the report

    Save the Custom Criteria to the Custom Criteria table for reuse.

    Legend: Be.b_beneid

    I = Current Insurance or expired plan
    S = Current Savings
    N = History Insurance
    V = History Savings

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    This formula keeps giving me an error message.

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