HRMS/ESS Test envoirnment - Can a test ESS server be utilized aside a test HRMS server?

We have been having issues with almost every ESS update and would like to test changes before pushing updates to production. A few Sage engineers said it was impossible, but I'm not sure why it would be. We already have a test HRMS server and copy production data each quarterly update for testing. Can a test ESS server be tied to a test HRMS server? Are any issues or features preventing me from building an ESS test environment?

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    Dear Help Desk

    Yes, Sage ESS can be install on a testing environment for testing purposes, applying product updates prior deploying to the production system. Sage does recommend using this approach to address unexpected issues and minimize down time that may otherwise impact your live production system. We are unsure the reason  you were told it wasn't possible in the past. We recommend you are on a compatible released version of Sage HRMS and Sage ESS and are on a supported windows and SQL server on both environment.  For more details, see our system recommendations kb 225924250083549 accessible on our portal. For instructions how to install Sag ESS, download our Sage ESS installation and Set up Guide:

    Also feel free to reach out to our Live Chat support if you have additional questions or open a support case regarding these issues you experienced during upgrade.