Precheck register not showing data in the footer since update

We did the Q1 2024 update today and now it seems the Precheck register and Payroll register isn't coming out the same as it did last week.  With the crystal updates am i missing something that needs to change?  I know something went from 7.3 to 8.0 do we need to move crystal report somewhere?  I'm wondering if it's printing out different reports because of this change?  Thinking of the path here?

C:\ProgramData\Sage\SageHRMSServer\Payroll\CustomReports\UP80A\ENG <--this is blank but all of our DLLs and rpt files are in this path C:\ProgramData\Sage\SageHRMSServer\Payroll\CustomReports\UP73A

if there is nothing in that UP80A folder where do I just copy everything from UP73A?  

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    Very well, if your customized Precheck and Payroll register reports are located to the SageHRMSServer path which is recommended in this location, C:\ProgramData\Sage\SageHRMSServer\Payroll\CustomReports\UP80A\ENG

    The dll's have been updated to a newer version and you must copy them from the local x(86) path to your Sage HRMSserver\Payroll\CustomReports\UP808A. The update only moved the customized reports and not the dlls. You will find the updated dlls version to the local machine where the Sage HRMS Client have been upgraded to Q1 2024 to this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Sage Accpac\UP80A

    Sounds like you have it from kb article you mentioned Slight smile

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