• set up a medical discount deduction

    Hi, How do I set up a discount deduction for medical premium? Our company wants to encourage employees to get vaccinated by offering a weekly flat amount discount. For example, our weekly medical employee contribution is $50. If employees get vaccinated…
  • auto enroll 401K

    Is there a way to automatically enroll each new employee in a savings plan at a specific %? i see there are a few ideas out there but no resolutions just wondered if maybe those hadn't been updated? Thanks.
  • Negative Check

    What happens with the eft file if you complete payroll with a negative check? In this situation we have an employee on leave who's deductions are more than their pay. Typically, we would have withheld the extra on a previous payroll but were not aware…
  • Direct Deposit Check Stock Code

    Greetings, I am new to HRMS and of course missed a step on changing the "Check" check stock code to DD check stock code thus now all of the 400+ advices had the check sequence number on it instead of the direct deposit sequence number. It was a bit…
  • Pay Stubs not posting in ESS

    We have completed payroll in Sage HRMS, but the latest pay stubs are not visible in ESS.
  • EFT File

    Anyone ever miss creating the EFT file for upload to the bank?
  • Year-End Aatrix W-2 Grid

    Hello - I'm curious when we will have the functionality to export the Aatrix W-2 grid? This feature would be helpful with reconciling. Thank you!
  • Earning code showing $0 on check if flat earning type

    We have an salary and wages, flat earning code setup in HRMS. We are running the open payroll and checking the calculate pay rates as hourly option. When we add in the earning code to a timesheet, put in 1 hour and $100 for the amount, the $100 is not…
  • Sage HRMS Payroll - Manual Check

    How do you process a manual check in Sage HRMS. I have an employee who has gotten paid their normal check during the period. But I need to do a bonus check. I tried creating an additional time card, but I can't get the second payment to calculate. Thanks…