• My Workforce Analyzer

    I am working on the 2023 form year. When I upload the Covered Individual file I get an error "The file cannot be processed because it does not have a properly formatted header row". No matter what I tried I cannot get the header row configured correctly…
  • Runtime Error When Attempting to Access Employee's File

    Sage HRMS version 10.7059 (we do not use employee self serve) When trying to open the file of one specific employee, this error message pops up and I have to restart Sage. I can access other employees fine. What is causing the error and how do I get…
  • Employee Photos - not showing for employees terminated prior to 2021

    Edit: A subfolder for current employees was added in 2021, which must be connected to why termed employees prior to 2021 no longer have an employee photo in HRMS. Any advice on how to correct this issue so that we don't have go through each termed employee…
  • Updating HR Analytics

    How do you get HR Analytics to update? I would like to use these reports, but the data is old.
  • I need to export Employee Data to provision other applications. What is the best practice or tool you use to export and format HR Data from the SQL database?

    We need to provision new hire employees in MS Asure (Network), Purchasing, Learning and other applications. We've used a Crystal Report but it has issues. What have you used to export Employee Data?
  • Developers - What is ENTRYSEQ?

    I am developing an import file for Sage for an inhouse Onboarding program. I am importing in to the Employees table. My limited understanding of ENTRYSEQ is that it has something to do with payroll being pulled and that number is changed when payroll…
  • Import an Employee Selection List

    Is there a way to import an employee selection list? I have a timecard that I need to run payroll for and need to add 400+ employees.
  • Error message

    Why does the error "abra32.exe has stopped working" appear? It then closes out the system so it needs to be logged into again. Any ideas on why and how to fix this?
  • Is there an Import file template and instructions to import hours from 3rd party time keeping system?

    We are implementing a new time clock/ time keeping system that has the ability to create an import file of employee hours. I am looking for the required template that this file needs to match and instructions covering the creation of the needed file and…
  • Adding new GL Accounts

    I need to add 500 or more GL accounts and Description using SQL UPDATE statement. Which tables and columns need to be updated?
  • Which tables does SageHRMS use when posting payroll checks to ESS?

    Need to know which tables SageHRMS uses when posting Payroll checks to ESS.
  • Timecard tables in Sage HRMS

    I am trying to pull Timecard information into Crystal Report. Need to know which tables to use?
  • Sage HRMS Link or Mass Update

    Is there a way to update employee salaries using a mass update or Link? We have 300 wage increases for 4/1/2021. We use HR Actions to push all changes individually, but for this, it would be awesome if there was an import function that could achieve this…
  • Sage hrms issue after qtr 3 update

    1. during open payroll all employees ER 401k match was showing that it was being changed to 0% - We did not make any changes to anyone ER 401K MATCH %. We had to go into each employee manually and put the ER 401K match back to 3% our selves ... what is…
  • import function for new hires

    Is there a function in HRMS to import a list of new hires?
  • Pending Timeoff Requests not visible for action

    We currently have a situation where pending time off requests are not showing in either the employee or manager list views to be actioned, however, they are visible in the TimeOff Calendar. In all of the cases, the date for the request has already passed…
  • New Hire name misspelled

    We have a new hire that was imported from HRactions but the name is misspelled. Is there any way to correct the name?
  • Custom Crystal Report showing pre-tax and post-tax deductions

    I'm trying to create a custom crystal report that shows Employee Number, Full Name, Gross wages, Pre-Tax Deductions, Post-Tax Deductions, Gross wages (excluding Pre-Tax Deductions). I believe I need to use UPEMPL, UPCHKH, and UPCHKD to get the Employee…
  • Import employee data

    Is there a tool to import new employee data into HR tables from a CSV file? i know in timesheet area there's a hidden right click menu to import. Just curious if there's a way to do that on the Employee HR side?
  • Need to mass update a user defined field

    Hello- I need to do a mass update to change the PL Required field shown in the pic below to "F" for anyone with a blank "Professional License" field: Can anyone please show me how I would do that? This is what I have so far:
  • EEO -1 Pay Data Import

    I installed the EEO-1 Hotfix but only got the Update function under Payroll\Processes, but I also need the Import option under Employees\Processes so I can import 2017 Pay Data. How can I get this function?
  • Employee Setup - EFT Mass Update Option

    Is there a way we can mass update an "End Date" on the EFT tab in the Payroll - Employee profile? When an employee's EFT account was being setup, the end date did not get populated. Thank you!
  • YTD Totals

    Does anyone know if the Sage HRMS Payroll database has a table where they accumulate YTD totals for earning/deductions codes, plus the taxes codes?
  • Timesheet import from Excel

    In HRMS, does anyone know how to setup the Import Timesheet function on the process payroll map to import from our Excel file? We have a custom application that pushes all our timesheet entries into Excel and we'd like to be able to just click that step…
  • Archived Employees Still in Lookup Lists

    I have archived employees in HRMS using the Archive Terminated Employees process. When I go tor un reports and lookup by employee number, they are still showing in that list. Mostly in payroll, but some HR reports also. How do I get these employees removed…