• Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS? Looking for solutions thanks
  • Unable to change ESS Customize Logon Page

    It was time to change the ESS logon page. I want to insert the following text: Information contained in Sage SS includes: View Payroll History View/Update home address, phone, emergency contacts ESS is giving me an error every time I try to save…
  • Has anyone successfully modified the ESS pay stub Crystal Report?

    We are trying to change from using the earnings totals to using the gross pay totals on the ESS pdf. However, every time I change anything on the report (even just removing a text object), the print/post checks process gives an error that there are no…
  • Sage ESS and GMail

    Is there a way to setup Sage ESS to send emails when the customer is using GMail for company emails?
  • ESS passwords are not saving correctly in SQL

    Description of the Problem We currently did an upgrade from Sage HRMS ESS 2012 (10.20) using the Migration Path to version 2015 with latest patch then 2016 with latest patch then 2017 with latest patch, landing on version 10.703701. after the upgrade…
  • Benefit Plans with Provisions

    Our company offers 2 different health insurance options (Traditional and HDHP). We also have provisions if the employee or spouse are a smoker, as well as a provision for working spouse. We currently use the User Defined field under the benefit code to…
  • Employee Self Service - employee pay history

    If we are just rolling out ESS and the client has been using Sage 300 ERP Cdn payroll for sometime, will the employees be able to see pay history in ESS?
  • Pay Stub PDF Password

    When we process our bi-weekly payroll a PDF is created on our Sage 300 server for each employees paystub during the pay period. I am able to locate the PDFs but when I go to open them it requires a password. I have no idea of what the password would be…
  • unable to reset password in Sage ESS either as admin or user

    As an admin, when the reset password button is hit (2012) it is supposed to set the password to newuser and enable the user to reset their password. That does not work. If an ESS user hits the forgot my password link, it enables entry of user name,…