• Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS? Looking for solutions thanks
  • Looking for help on payroll reports

    I am trying to create a report for my boss that shows gross pay, net pay, Overtime pay, retirement contribution and PTO balance. I am struggling to find the correct Payroll files to use in HRMS for crystal.
  • Has anyone successfully modified the ESS pay stub Crystal Report?

    We are trying to change from using the earnings totals to using the gross pay totals on the ESS pdf. However, every time I change anything on the report (even just removing a text object), the print/post checks process gives an error that there are no…
  • Creating a Report with a Date Range

    I am needing to create a report/query that brings back the earning for RFT employees for a date range and I need the date range to be asked every time the report/query is run. Any help on how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  • Payroll Audit Trailing?

    Hello! As of recent I have had the need to do an Audit Trail for End User Changes on the Payroll side of HRMS 2015 but there is no feature to do so. When I checked the auditing feature I see that only the HR side of HRMS is supported for Audit Trailing…
  • IN THE WILD VOL 10:. To form a more perfect union (or HRMS Globabl reporting available in 10.5).

    GREETING SAGE CITIZENS. Today I am EXCITED to discuss this new topic. This isn't one of those cases where I work for SAGE so I have to be excited about everything. This is one of those cases that if I were with a channel partner or a direct customer…
  • RE: Abra Suite Crystal Reports for Payroll

    Are there any good Work Comp audit reports?
  • Electronic W-2 Consent & Aatrix Grid

    Good morning, everyone. I know it's not time to think about W-2s yet, but you know how time flies! We would like to create an HRAction form where employees can opt in to receive their W-2s electronically (we use the Aatrix website). I think we know…
  • FUTA wages don't match Schedule A FUTA wages

    The FUTA taxable wages from form 940 do not match the FUTA taxable on Schedule A form 940. I can tie the gross wages and payments in excess of $7,000 back to payroll, but I cannot figure out how the number that is listed on Schedule A is being calculated…
  • State Unemployment Tax

    We have an employee who works in a different state than the company is located in. The UI tax code is setup for that state and showing on his tax withholding detail but it is not accruing his wages as taxable earnings for that tax code? Any ideas? It…
  • General Ledger Distributions Report - Truncated Account Description

    I don't know if the chicken or the egg came first (I upgraded to Windows 7 about the same time as upgrading to version 9). About that time I started having trouble with the General Ledger Distributions Report printing only the first letter of the description…