• Is it possible to do a mass export of completed forms in HR Actions to a .pdf file?

    For ease of pulling personnel files when needed for requests, we would like to be able to do a mass export of an employee's completed forms into a .pdf file. Is that possible, instead of having to print each form individually?
  • Looking for SQL table information

    HI, i'm trying to create a report for tax exemptions and W-4 amounts. I have the knowledgebase article that calls out that PARMSEQ refers to the field on the screen and PARMVAL is that value. But is there any way to get the Tax Field and Value entries…
  • IN THE WILD VOL 10:. To form a more perfect union (or HRMS Globabl reporting available in 10.5).

    GREETING SAGE CITIZENS. Today I am EXCITED to discuss this new topic. This isn't one of those cases where I work for SAGE so I have to be excited about everything. This is one of those cases that if I were with a channel partner or a direct customer…
  • how to know which check form to select

    we either need to know which check form to select for our current stock of checks or how to know which checks to order and then which check forms to select. is there a way to see how each form displays? or how to we make selection?
  • Class library file .vcx is not found

    Getting the error in the attachment after clicking on Print button to print one of Benefit reports into PDF from SAGE benefit reports window. The error occurs on any report. Reinstalled SAGE and still the same problem.
  • Start Date on the Employee Pay tab on earnings and deductions gives an error message in Crystal Reports

    Does anyone have a workaround? Apparently the step that converts this field into the SQL view that Crystal uses through the OLE DB has an error in it. I can pull end date but not the start date. The error I get is i_SqlExec line 0 Conversion failed when…
  • Does anyone know when and how we will connect Crystal Reports 2020 to Sage HRMS (the OLE DB data source is not available)?

    Crystal Reports 2016 is no longer available from the knowledgebase (that I can find), and Crystal Reports 2020 does not have a connection to the HRMS database. I have clients with new workstations that need Crystal installed, but it has to be a working…
  • CA Pay Data reporting for 2022

    HI, I have a question on CA Pay Data reporting for 2022 year. What is the difference in Reports-Employees-EEO Reports-California Pay Data Detail/Efile and Payroll-Government Reports-Fed Tax Filing-CA Pay Data Report ? It seems like the EEO one isn't…
  • MN DEED (Unemployment) Reporting Unit

    We have 4 companies within HRMS. One of those companies has multiple store locations within it - all Minnesota based. Minnesota requires us to use separate reporting numbers for every store on our quarterly MN DEED filing. Right now, HRMS and Aatrix only…
  • Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS? Looking for solutions thanks
  • Emailing paystubs

    Is there a way to email paystubs to my employees using just HRMS?

    Somehow, our copy of the 2020 W-2s has gone missing. Is it possible to reprint them?
  • Looking for help on payroll reports

    I am trying to create a report for my boss that shows gross pay, net pay, Overtime pay, retirement contribution and PTO balance. I am struggling to find the correct Payroll files to use in HRMS for crystal.
  • Why is there no place to add the SOC code to the job codes (Standard Occupational Classification) that is need for state reporting

    HRMS has Employee Supplemental Info reports that handles quarterly state reporting requirements. However the SOC codes have to be re-imported ever time. Why is there no place to add the SOC code to the job codes (Standard Occupational Classification)…
  • My Workforce Analyzer 1095 Line 16

    Hello, I am currently working on 1095s and I am hoping someone can provide me with some clarification. For my safe harbor method I am using Federal Poverty Line. Whenever an employee has code "1A" on line 14, line 16 is blank. I am thinking that either…
  • Reporting

    Is there anything going on with the new WA Cares program that is starting in 2022?
  • How is annual pay calculated in the Benefits Letter in Benefits Reports?

    We are wanting to implement use of the Benefits Letter report, but seem to be getting some strange amounts for "annual pay" displaying in the letter. Can anyone point me to where that information is coming from or calculated from?
  • 2 questions on form 941

    Question 1: my company has a "Nonrefundable portion of credit for qualified sick and family leave wages for leave taken after March 31,2021" (line 11d on page 2), there is a note that I need to manually reduce our liabilities on Page 2 or Schedule B by…
  • Issues after Qtr 2 update

    I ran the update for Qtr 2 this morning and am now not able to run any reports without the program shutting down. Has anyone else had that issue or know what to do to correct? Thanks!
  • Q2 2021 Update

    I am now unable to run my Washington WA 5208 A eFile form. It is showing as an error, if anyone has an idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Lindy
  • Is there a way to change the order sage hrms to sage 100 audit report?

    We are using the Sage HRMS link to Sage 100. The order of modified employees is by employee number on the audit report. But the selection list in the check box is alphabetical. Is there a way to change the order of either?
  • California Pay Data Report is only for Single Establishment.

    Why is there not a multiple establishment report available? Also..the report is completely different from the template on the California Pay Data Portal. Has anyone tried filing with the AATRIX report currently available? We were given a 30 day extension…
  • State Quarterly Unemployment Filings

    This is my first time filing quarterly unemployment reports using Sage HRMS. A few questions, How do I pull the information out of Sage for each state and file on the state website? We are a company that has another payroll system and I need to combine…
  • Quarterly & Year End Reports - CVIDSS & CVIDMD

    So at the end of each quarter when we run the 941 report, are all of the Covid wages and Covid taxes already included in those totals???? Or do we need to add to the amounts already there???? Also, at year end, do any Covidss taxes need to be added…
  • Form 941-X

    Are we able to use Form 941-X to correct quarters 2 and 3 from 2020?