• Sage HRMS Q4 2023 Existing Version - Remove Import Timesheet

    After reading the release notes for the Q4 2023 update, what does it mean by 'Remove Import Timesheet'? It says it will be removed from the Process Payroll map. Does that mean we will no longer be able to import CSV files in the 'Timecard List' step…
  • PTO earnings type that was NOT included in the 401k deduction calculation and match needs correction.

    We had a PTO earnings type that was NOT included in the 401k deduction calculation and match. It only affected six individuals and we know the amounts. How do we make that correction in Sage for year 2022 before we issue W2? Create/start a separate…
  • What encryption does Self Service use for passwords?

    Hello! We are working on integrating a full course/training application in our environment. To avoid having to create more passwords for our employees, we would like to integrate the existing Abra Self-Service tUSERS table with this system. I guess…
  • Sage Payroll Link AH71C

    Anyone have a link where I can download this version of the Payroll Link? The only active link in the portal is for the most recent version which only works with Sage 300 v2020 and up. My client has version 2019. Thanks in advance Howard
  • Using Yearsold in the benefit rate table

    I know how to use yearsold in the benefit rate table when calculating an employees age based on the system date. I want to use the same but have it calculate the employee's age at a certain date. This employers benefits renew once a year and the age of…
  • Forced Migration to HRMS Premium version

    I just saw the announcement about Migrating to the "Premium" version of HRMS and it got me wondering, when will updates for the existing version of HRMS (perpetual licensing) stop? Will we be forced to move to the SaaS model at some point? 1 yr, 5yr,…
  • 2 questions on form 941

    Question 1: my company has a "Nonrefundable portion of credit for qualified sick and family leave wages for leave taken after March 31,2021" (line 11d on page 2), there is a note that I need to manually reduce our liabilities on Page 2 or Schedule B by…
  • HRMS When is a new version going to be Released?

    Is there going to be a new version of Sage HRMS released? We had seen some interesting things about a 2020 version ... but nothing further has been said or done about a new version.
  • New Hire name misspelled

    We have a new hire that was imported from HRactions but the name is misspelled. Is there any way to correct the name?
  • Error after installing Sage HRMS Client

    After installing the HRMS client, we got the following error: I can't find reference to this error anywhere in the KnowledgeBase articles. We have several client installs at this customer site and this is the first time we have received this error…
  • Standard Report vs Crystal Report

    When I run the Gross to Net Suitelike report in HRMS, the Premium Pay column is not correct. Some of the Premium Pay earnings are included in Base Pay column and some in Premium Pay column???
  • Error during Open Payroll

    How do I fix this error that appeared during Open Payroll: Earning - Earning Code(E010), Distribution Code () does not exist in payroll. Check Employee Configuration and Payroll. I feel like I have looked at everything for this particular employee.
  • SAGE HRMS_Time Cut-off am facing some errors when i run the activity

    Hi all, i am new to SAGE HRMS, still trying to understand how to calculate employee time. so here is my thread, when i am trying to run Time cut-off, am facing some errors. like .. Legal working hours less than the theory". can any one help me on…
  • Renumbering employee IDs in HRMS

    Hello. I know there is a knowledgebase article that says HRMS 2017 does not have an employee ID renumbering function like Abra. They recommend terminating and then hiring under a new employee ID, but then we would lose all that employee's history. Does…
  • Timesheet import from Excel

    In HRMS, does anyone know how to setup the Import Timesheet function on the process payroll map to import from our Excel file? We have a custom application that pushes all our timesheet entries into Excel and we'd like to be able to just click that step…
  • Earning code showing $0 on check if flat earning type

    We have an salary and wages, flat earning code setup in HRMS. We are running the open payroll and checking the calculate pay rates as hourly option. When we add in the earning code to a timesheet, put in 1 hour and $100 for the amount, the $100 is not…
  • Archive Terminated Employees

    Hello, I used "archive terminated employees". it only archived some of them not all. But when I tried to archive again. The system was telling me "no more terminated employees to be deleted" But they are under employee's finder with status terminated…
  • Termination

    Whenever HR terminates an employee, this message comes up at the end. Any Suggestions? Thanks.
  • Rate Table for a savings plan

    I need to setup a rate table for a savings plan. The company will match up to 5% of the employee contribution if the employee has been with the company less than seven years and will match up to 6% if the employee has been with the company seven years…
  • Pay Stub PDF Password

    When we process our bi-weekly payroll a PDF is created on our Sage 300 server for each employees paystub during the pay period. I am able to locate the PDFs but when I go to open them it requires a password. I have no idea of what the password would be…
  • Sage HRMS 2014 install issue

    Anybody else have this issue. Trying to install HRMS on a workstation. The installation starts but then "rolls back" without giving any error message. It is a Windows 7 workstation. Thanks in advance
  • Comprehensive List of Software Manuals for Sage HRMS

    We're putting together a comprehensive list of manuals for the Sage HRMS product line. Check it out. (More coming soon)
  • RE: Payroll Outsourcing

    Interfaces exist for Benefits Mall, Paychex and ADP. Additionally, those who want to process payroll in-house and outsource tax filing, we've developed an interface for the EmpowerTax filing service. You can find more details here .