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Tesses Tresses assignment Question From: Owners pay Hst owing to the Reciever General for the period ending January 31, 2024. Issue cheque $424 in payment

The first picture is my question. Second is my Tax report. Third pic is so far what I have. Please help me respond before Tuesday.  As you can see the 1060 Bank Chequing Account with the amount 2967.30  should go in the middle. How do I fix this?? This goes in Payments Journal.  I have the Sage 50 2021 Premium.  

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    Hi maya, 

    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we don't have access to student textbooks and data. Hopefully, you have already seen KB 85302 on how to remit GST / HST to the Receiver General with the Purchase Invoice module (be sure you're using this icon).

    The images shown have different naming (GST)  for the accounts but the idea is the same. 

    Within Sage 50 CA see the company module > and select Chart of Accounts to see the yellow screen shown in the KB.

    My data is different and partially in French, but below you can see how the COA listing has been previewed for the amounts. Preview the transaction by going to Report > Display Purchase Transaction Detail.  Last step is to process the purchase invoice, to clear the accounts. 

    Warm Regards, 

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    Thank you for your post. He helped me solve my problem.

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