• Error Message

    I am trying to open a company for my Sage 50 class but when I try to open the PDF file, it says "Sage 50 cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error. Please see the error log for more information" I have tried re-installing…
  • Premium Version Backup Files

    As shown in the Appendix A, I have opened the Pearson web homepage for "Using Sage 50 2023" to download Data Files. I didn't have any problem downloading the zipped file, extracting and saving it in the C: drive for Premium Version Full Files but I couldn…
  • back up error on settings - taxes

    By trying to create a backup (working on AIR assignrmnt) on Settings-company-taxes, the sysyem gives an error and allowing me to continue further: if i srart from back up, the software shows same issue on my previous record company-credit card…
  • Sage 500 ERP setup in Windows 8.1

    Hi, I am trying to learn the setup of Sage 500 ERP ver 5.4 following the book I borrowed from library. I am using Windows 8.1. I am stuck in creating "company databases using database setup (Step 4)". I finished Step 1 - 3: 1: Copy the dump files…
  • Sage 300 2019 student version database error

    When I try to load the sample data into Sage 300 database setup, an error message appears saying "Error creating system DB entry. OrgTbl32.exe". What does this mean and how to fix it?
  • Creating a Data base set up Sage 300

    I'm trying to setup my Data base from SQL server but the Id and password are not working (page 13-14) Please help!!! Emi.
  • Chapter 5

    Good afternoon, I am inquiring to see if i could attain a copy of the Completed Chapter 5 file for marking. (Groen Fields - Accounts Payable)
  • Opening a Data File

    I have installed SAGE50 2017 Student Version and trying to start working on it. However, while opening a data file, I don't see SageData17 in This PC>Windows(C:). I see only Sage in this list. How do I move forward? Thanks, Mini
  • Cannot open company data file. Need help please!

    when i tried to open the company's data file, a error message comes up saying required data file is missing. however i have both the SAI and SAJ in one place. i download the data files from my school. the sage program we are using is 2017.

    I'm new in SAGE and I'm having an engine error everytime I try to open it. Does it affect if I'm using Windows on my Mac? I checked everything like the firewall settings. What should I do?
  • Data files won't load

    I installed the Sage 50 Accounting Student Version (several times now). I then try to install the data files found on the data CD that came with the textbook, but only 3 files get installed and then it stops. Here is a screen shot of the message I get…
  • sage 300 ERP 2014 - Data Files

    Hi, I was trying to load the sample data files onto sage 300, however, it will not show when I open the folder. The data sets are still empty. Is there a way to redownload only the sample files? and where? Thanks, Rachelle
  • Program Manager

    I installed the program but can not start it. I get the message "The Program Manager is installed but not running." What can I do to fix a problem? Thank you
  • Sage works sporadically, unable to open Data Files all the time

    I was able to open Sage the other day after the same issue, the chat support was able to help me. He told me to open it and "run as admin". It worked, but now I'm having the same error message of: "database not available". I just tried it again - changing…
  • restore from backup

    Hi I'm reading P22-23 Opening a Data file from a Backup ( My book is Sage 50 2015 Canadian Edition) I can't find Start1.CAB. (I can't find any CAB exensions./ I am using window 7) Please let me know what I am supposed to do... Thank you for your…
  • I have lost my" Welcome page", where you create a new company, open existing co. etc.

    I have lost the "WELCOME PAGE" , where you have choice of opening an existing company, creating a new company , create from back up etc.I think I may have caused this problem by deleting the " existing company I was working on " -with the the address…
  • Student Data Files 2013

    I need to download the student data files but my laptop does not have a dvd or cd drive for me to download them off the dvd.. is there a link somewhere I can download these files from? Sage 50 Student Canadian edition 2013