• Historical transactions

    I am still in the configuration phase of installing Sage 50 for a school assignment. I entered an invoice for a client, but I didn't enter the correct date. How can I change it?
  • sage 50 can't support the Windows XP

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with downloading the Sage 50. it shows that the sage 50 can't support the Windows XP. Can anyone give me a suggestion? I don't have another PC for doing that. thanks for any feedback! have a good day! Lai Yi
  • Assignment Question

    Tesses Tresses assignment Question From: Owners pay Hst owing to the Reciever General for the period ending January 31, 2024. Issue cheque $424 in payment The first picture is my question. Second is my Tax report. Third pic is so far what I have. Please…
  • Pop Up

    Hi, I have a problem... I download 2018 sage 50 in my laptop and when I load into a zip file, there is a pop up saying "A required data file is missing. Check your data directory to be sure the files are there". I still can't figure it out and tried…
  • Learning Sage 50 Accounting 2019 version has chapters 4-6 Exercises missing

    Hello, I'm a student using "Learning Sage 50 Accounting" 2019 version, and the exercise 04 C4-2 Kojokaro is missing from the sipped files for download. I've uninstalled & reinstalled the 2019 version and its still jumps from Chapter 3 exercises to Chapter…
  • Activation Key Code

    Hi there, I am having troubles with my registration info that was sent to me. The email that was sent to me from Sage regarding my registration info has errors and I cannot use the activation code. This is the info that was sent; Company name: Graham…
  • Can not installation SAGE50 2019

    I have download the Sage 50 2019 and get the email for Key code. After installation the sage it shows: 1.The Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package (X86) appears to have faild. Do you want to continue the installation. I click…
  • Asking about activate key code

    Hi everyone! i have a question about getting activate key code. i did register to have activate key code so many times, but i haven't received any code yet. please tell how can i have activate key code to complete my installation. i using sage student…
  • Student Access Code

    How long should I have to wait to receive my access code? I've not heard anything and I'm starting to second guess that my registration went through. My course starts today and I'm eager to get started.
  • When i run Sage 50, there is an attention of "require more hard disk"

    I am a student who will learn how to use Sage 50 to make record. I have installed the program using the document from my teacher, and try to run a sample company, when the processing of backup, the waring attention appear "The program requires more…
  • Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop and the fonts are different than the Sage 50 2018 on campus

    Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop. My professor has requested that all reports be in Bookman Old Style font. When I went to change the font, the Bookman options were not available. The option is available on the version we have on campus. How do…
  • Installation

    Hi, I tried to install Sage 50 Accounting, but i appeared the errors with microsoft visual C++ 2012 and 2015 Please help me fix it. Thanks
  • Sage keeps booting me out

    At first when I selected certain sections or reports it would boot me out of the program. Now every time that i log in, as soon as i make a selection to do something, i get booted out of the program. it worked fine at the beginning after install, then…
  • No registration email!

    I have read that there is an issue with the email registration generator. I notice that there is a way to work around this. I would like to receive this work around as the due dates for my assignment is fastly approaching!
  • Does anyone knows how update Sage 50 Student version from 2017.0 to 2017.2?

    I have downloaded the Sage 50 Student version 2017.0 from Education Partner Program ( https://www.sage.com/ca/about-us/education ), but there have only version 2017.0. At my college, the Sage 50 version is 2017.2 which impedes me from continuing to…
  • Installation

    Hi all! I have tried downloading the software but all I got was an e mail. I selected the 2018 version because that is what my instructor said to use for the semester; however, I received an email with only versions 2013, 2014, and 2015 as options for…
  • I want to use the Sage 50 version of the accounting student

    I want to use the Sage 50 version of the accounting student but when I write my email information I received, they write: Sorry, the data for this student version is due.
  • version 252020 student version 2018

    Do someone knows how can install sage 50 version 252020 student version 2018 i do have my key account but i cant found the version thanks
  • sage50 -education

    Hi there, I've installed a studend version of sage50 2017 on a student laptop about a month ago. I've registered the software and i got a serial number with the code to activate the software for i think 14 months ? For some reason, when the studend…
  • What can we do to obtain an Educators Licence?

    It seems that the website is not working ! I'm trying to apply for a membership as an educator but, each time I click on "Submit", nothing happens. I've tried with sending an email at [email protected]. - No answer. Same thing with the phone line…
  • How to update a Student Edition of Sage 50 2017 to 2017.2?

    My course at school has updated their on site computers to Sage 50 Premium 2017.2 but the download option on the website only allowed me to install the Sage 50 Premium 2017 version. So when I try to access my companies at home, the software says that…