Is there a way to find a report for invoices numbers that have been cancelled and redone?  Apparently, someone sent out invoices and then did a rebill on several where they got new invoice numbers and these invoice numbers are no longer available.  However, I don't know WHO they belonged to.  

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    Not so much "that have been cancelled and redone."

    Let's first have you check a setting.  From the menus at the very top, click on Setup, General, Bills, and then look over to the right. Is the box checked or unchecked to reuse invoice numbers....?

    My guess is for you, it is Unchecked and that is what let to new numbers being used when the invoices were redone. In that case, the original invoice numbers will never "belong" to anyone. They will be skipped, and you will have invoice number gaps, where there was never an invoice with that number. 

    If you check the option, you will have fewer/narrower gaps, but you might still have gaps. 

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