10 > second lag time with new version update using Premium Elite

Since the second our Premium Elite received it's latest update (updated to, our system lags 10-20 seconds when typing in a client and waiting for the system to pull up that client's details on the Billng Assistant Details screen.  You can see the previous client information in the background for 10-20 seconds after you've typed in the new client's name.

I have contacted our off-site computer support--they can't find anything, I have spent about an hour with TS support--they had to call me because it couldn't be solved using the webchat---they can't find anything.  They just suggested purging files--but I don't buy that "ironically" the slowness for every user-20 in the office has this bad of slow time due to files needing purging immediately after updating a version.  Has anyone else had this happen?

Things I've tried---rechecked all of the Preference Settings & Features Enabled.  TS and IT cs have assured me that there is excellent speed and connectivity and that is definitely not the problem. 

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