• Sending bills via Outlook 64 bit

    Has anyone successfully tested this yet? Claire Barnes Integrated Visions Inc
  • Report Billable vs. non-billable hours

    Sage Premium Elite I need a simple report showing billable and non-billable hours by attorney, by month. For example, this month I would run a report that shows: Attorney Jones September October Billable 150 155 Non-billable 25 20 …
  • Total Billed in a month

    Is there a report I can run that shows the total amount billed in a specific time period? For example, I billed some clients between Nov 7th and Nov. 13th. I'd like to know the total amount billed in that time period. Thank you.
  • emailing bills

    I can only send one email at a time. Then I have to exit TS and re login to be able to send another bill. Anyone face this issue?
  • How To Print Total Billings: From Years Back To Present

    I was audited and I need to produce all of my annual billings and payment histories, from 2008 to present. I have tried to figure it out but without success. Any guidance would be appreciated, Thank you in advance.
  • September Update/Office 64bit

    I was wondering if anyone had success with switching to the 64-bit version of Office after the latest Timeslips update. Notes show it's compatible now, however when we try to send out we get a Failure : Unknown Error using the MAPI64 email client. …
  • Reports

    Is there a way to find a report for invoices numbers that have been cancelled and redone? Apparently, someone sent out invoices and then did a rebill on several where they got new invoice numbers and these invoice numbers are no longer available. However…
  • Can you delay emailing bills to a later date?

    I send out my bills on the 10th of the month for the month that just ended. Sometimes, especially when the 10th is on a weekend or holiday, I would like to generate and print the bills earlier, say the 8th or 9th, have them dated the 10th and emailed…
  • Printing bill crashes the session

    Hi team We have Timeslips 2020 installed on a server. Our billing user is experiencing frequent freezing of Timeslips when she attempts to print. Same issue for other users when they test. I need to kick them off the server and get them to sign back…
  • History Reports

    Good afternoon, is there a history report that shows all of the time entries and then the payments made during the time entries? The history reports that I have found on the system, only show all of the time entries and then at the end of the time entries…
  • Billed Fees v Fees

    I am trying to run reports that give me the Billed Fees per year, broken down by month so I used the Payment Performance by Period report. I also ran the Monthly Totals by Period report and under the Grand Totals, it shows Fees broken down by month. The…
  • List of billed invoices by customer

    I am looking for a report in Timeslips that will list the billed invoices for a specific client for a specific date range. I would like something as simple as the data presented when you go to the "Reprint Bills" option in the "Bills" menu. For a specific…
  • Locating Unapplied Payments

    Some payments were entered into the system without being applied to any invoice. How can I locate unapplied payments?
  • Who posted the payment?

    Is there a way to track which user posted a specific payment to a trust account? Maybe like a user log or something to that extent. Thank you!
  • Reports Run, But Do Not Appear

    Sage Timeslips 9.7. I can retrieve, apply filter data, and run Detail Reports (.rpt) but after crunching the data, the report doesn't appear and no error is displayed. I suspect the Sage Crystal Viewer was not installed on this workstation. Is that the…
  • Billing worksheet

    Hi all - I'm using Sage Timeslips 2020. My version has a field called "Time estimated" that I can input on any given time slip. I would like to be able to see that field on the Pre-Bill worksheet but I can't find any option which will let me do so, not…
  • Timeslips A/R balance - client funds payment was entered, then reversed, but still shows on report

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to using the Client Funds function. Fyi, I'm using TImeslips 2020. I entered a payment into client funds in March of 2022 and later determined the payment was for a related client and wanted to move the client funds to that…
  • Invoice Email Template

    Is it possible to run a report showing which clients are assigned to specific invoice email templates? Thank you.
  • Emailing Invoices after Outlook failed to email for whatever reason

    With Outlook activated in advance (and remaining in that position at all relevant times) I sent email invoices to my clients beginning with A and everything worked, but when I did the rest of my clients (B-Z), Outlook did not receive any of the emails…
  • Timeslips able to send messages to clients?

    Can I send a message to all our clients thru Timeslips? We are raising our hourly rates and need to let all our clients know.
  • Report Help - WIP User Defined by Case

    Hi all! I'm hoping for some help on locating a report to do the following: Show User WIP only by Case. In short I am trying to create a report where I can sort by Case Nickname 2 that will show me the current users with time to be billed. I simply…
  • Sage Timeslips

    Good Morning, I'm new to the Timeslips world and am needing some help. Is there a way to print a report that shows only the slips that are on hold?? Thanks so much!! amy
  • Invoice Listing

    TIMESLIPS 2019 - We generated 60 invoices for 1 client. We now need to run a report listing all of those invoices broken down by fees, costs, and hours/time. All of the invoices are still on proof stage. Is there a report where we can see a listing for…
  • Report Showing Last Date Billed

    I want to mark client "Inactive" that haven't been billed in X amount of years. Is there a report that would show the client and the date of the last invoice? It seems tedious to go through clients one-by-one using billing assistant. I'd rather have a…
  • Reporting - Automatic Generation

    Is there a way to schedule reports to run unattended at a certain time of the day without a user having to login and manually generate the report?