• Reports

    Is there a way to generate a master list or report to see if clients have been inactive for 3 years or more if they are not marked as inactive already? Not just individual clients, but a list for all clients in your database.
  • split originations reporting

    Until now, we have been pulling a simple report which shows the total fees billed or collected for a given period, sorted by originating attorney and those fees subtotaled by timekeeper. However, we now have split origination situations wherein there…
  • Rates Randomly Changing

    We did an upgrade in February 2023. Ever since then, we have client rates that keep randomly changing. I keep going back in and correcting the rate table, but it will keep happening. It may stay for a couple of months and then randomly change again. 99…
  • Rate & Value Columns Don't Show Value

    How do I get the Rate and Value amounts to show up in Slip Lists? Can't figure out under the profile how to have those values show up.
  • Pre-bill Worksheet

    Is there a way I can change the default line near the bottom of a pre-bill worksheet to show "Remaining Escrow Funds" instead of "New account balance" like it currently does?
  • Bill Layout -

    Can I create a summary of hours by employee, then further break that employee's time by task hours? I can only find summary by task/reference and summary by employee. For Example: John Doe PE Document Review 5.0 hrs $500 Project Management…
  • LEDES 1998B

    Disclaimer: I am not an accountant nor a bookkeeper - merely a lowly paralegal to a solo practitioner. I have been tasked with figuring this out, but I'm quickly hitting a wall and don't know where to turn. I submitted a "Case" for this, but the response…
  • report comparison

    I have run a Professional Contribution and Collections report and a Monthly Productivity Report both for the same period and the billable fees/Costs don't match from report to report. Any idea why this would be?
  • Can you convert a bill that is in PDF format to LEDES format

    We have a client who and electronic billing platform that requires the bills to be in PDF format. We recently submitted invoices in PDF format through their site. They have now changed their billing platform and require those invoices to be submitted…
  • Flat Fee Bills: Trying to get a flat fee bill done, with only one description and no time entries.

    Hello, My first time asking a question on this platform. Under Arrangements, selecting "Absolute Flat Fee" then edit. Entering the amount, job, first bill. In display, it's showing ALL of the time entries and no matter what I do, I cannot get it…
  • Flat fee dollar amount showing up on invoice

    Is there a way to print an invoice that will show a flat fee $ amount along with the regular time entries? I have played around with the templates but haven't found a way to show both a flat fee and the time entries on the right side of the billing. I…
  • What do I need to change on the bill layout to get the Dollar AMOUNT to change from $0.00 to the actual fees on the SUBTOTAL line for a client with multiple References?

    I have a client with mulitple References. When printing the bill, it Subtotals the amount of hours worked correctly but does not show the Dollar Amount for that Reference. It always shows up as $0.00. It does show the Hours and Amount correctly at the…
  • Simple Invoice

    I am a very experienced TS user but after 20+ years, I still cannot figure out how to create a Bill Layout that simply shows the amount of the current charges on the bill and any credit or funds transaction that I want to specifically come off that Invoice…
  • How to notify client of upcoming funds transfer?

    Our state bar rules require that we notify clients in advance of Fund transfers to pay their balance. How can I add such a notice to those clients' bills with Fund balances?
  • Expenses

    I enter expenses using standard description, quantity and price which shows as slip value on my invoice. Is there a way to show more detail so client sees the quantity? Below is a simple example of filing 2 LLC annual reports at a cost of $520.00 each…
  • Billing Templates Layout

    We are charging a client a flat fee plus time charges. The attorney wants the bill to show the time charges, hourly rate as well as the value for each line item billed so it makes it easier for the client to see what we billed for each line item. My question…
  • How do I find which closed or inactive client a Bill Layout is assigned to so I can delete the layout?

    I want to delete old Bill Layouts I no longer use. I am unable to delete them because they show they are assigned to a client. However, they are not assigned to any current open clients and therefore must be assigned to "closed" or "inactive" clients…
  • Ecenter templates

    Is there a way for timesheet templates created in Ecenter by a user to be transferred into Timeslips when timeslips are transferred? I'm new to transferring data from Ecenter, but a user had entered a weeks' time in Ecetner using templates for each client…
  • Force totals onto a new page on invoice

    Hello All, a few months ago we changed our template to force totals onto a new page and that is working fine. However, i want to create an alternate template that removes that option so that short invoices can be just 1 page with entries and totals…
  • Help to generate timekeeper collections report to show payments AND credit balances applied to timekeeper slips for time period.

    I’m trying to generate a report to show application of payments AND existing credit balances to a timekeeper’s slips billed when there is already a credit balance on an account based on a payment outside of the time period of the report. For example…
  • Excluding Saturdays and Sundays on the Daily Totals By Period Report in Timeslips

    Is there a way to exclude Saturdays and Sundays on the Daily Totals By Period Report? I've looked everywhere and can't find an option to do it.
  • Overview in billing assistant details

    I would like to see client notes in the overview section of billing assistant details. Is there a way for me to make this happen?
  • Aged A/R Balance Report - Custom Fields

    I don't believe there is a way to customize the Aged A/R Balance report to include a customized field, however, is there a way to create a new report that shows the aging (30/60/90/120) and add customized fields from the client record?
  • Time and Expense Slip List Description / Billable Totals / Non-Billable Totals disappeared from the bottom of the Slip List

    Does anyone know how to add the Description, Billable, non-billable totals to the bottom of the slip list for Time and Expense entries?
  • Timeslips 2020

    We currently print employee titles on invoices. Is there a way to print the employee field full name instead of the titles on invoices?