Mobile Automation picking with LPN (License plate number)

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Sage is continuing to add more features and functionality to mobile automation.

Online help center provides a detail how to on most of the transactions and functionality.

Under “Recent How to guides” you can find a link to “Mobile Automation (ADC) for distribution” and another for Manufacturing.

LPN is managed in pick tickets, and it will display only when the following conditions are met:

  1. The sales order line must be detail allocated with an LPN on each stock line

         2. The container management is activated in the Product-site record.

Note: Currently, global allocations are not managed with LPN.

Step 1: Detail allocate the sales order and generate a pick ticket using the "Preparation" button.

Note: Prior to processing any pick tickets in Mobile Automation, make sure you have completed the prerequisites mentioned in the online help.

Step 2: Login into the Mobile automation handheld URL and select the product-site.

  • Select the Picking button and select the Pick ticket transaction.

  • Scan or select the pick ticket and enter the destination location (optional).

  • “To do” button lists all the pick ticket lines that are not yet picked.

  • Upon selecting the pick ticket line, you can see the LPN number associated to the stock line.
  • Finally, set the pick ticket to ‘Deliverable’.

This completes the short information on picking process and LPN using Mobile automation.

  • This is useful providing that all you want the picker to do is confirm the LPN that he has picked. In a real-world situation that is often not the case as the LPN (pallet?) is at the bottom of the pile and at the back of the bay (FIFO rules anyone?). Is there a way to global allocate and have the picker then confirm WHICH LPN they picked, or to change the LPN that is picked with a pick ticket created with detail allocation, all on the mobile automation interface?

  • Hi David, I have forced Global allocation on Sales orders > to Picking ticket so users get a chance to pick whatever need be. We are using old ADC (telnet), so I haven't tested this with new ADC and specially with LPN. But defaulting allocation on Picking ticket to Global works fine in our case (there is an entry point for it). 

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