• SD&A - December 2021 Training Schedule - For Sage Partners

    Attention Sage Partners! Don’t forget to schedule your Sage Data & Analytics certification. SD&A certification consists of two (2) FREE certifications: Step 1 - Sage Data & Analytics Certified Implementation Consultant: This package consists of…
  • Automatic allocation in Sage X3

    I would like to setup autoallocation for Customer backorders and NOT for manufacturing workorders. I tried various combinations but obviously not the right one. Can someone have an idea how to address this? THank you Pat
  • Supplier Invoice/Memo Import

    It says all the lines are converted but it did not generate a DAT file. Any idea please?
  • year closing

  • Can you modify the way rank function works, to not skip numbers

    Customer is using the rank function in EMDA. If there are values that are the same the function will rank them equally and skip the next ranking. This behaviour is described in the online help https://help.zapbi.com/DataHub/CurrentVersion/Content/Topics…
  • How to use Dimensions in Control Account

    Hello Guys, Our client wants to use Dimensions values in their control accounts (AP and AR) because they want to track Customers or Suppliers Aging by Project Dimension values and we have assigned the project dimension in the Analytical Tab of Account…
  • EMDA 8.1 Product Release

    We are pleased to announce that a new version of Enterprise Management Data and Analytics is now available. This new version (EMDA 8.1) added many new functionality that improves the Sage EM datasource, solution and various areas of the data management…
  • what does "Rollback following error in transaction" mean?

    My user noticed this message in the log after they ran automatic allocations. Unsure what the message means though.
  • Welcome to the Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics forum!

    Welcome to the Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics forum. In this discussion forum, you can post and answer questions and share best practices and ideas about Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics. While this forum is monitored by Sage, any SDMA user…