• Invoice Lines SQL Query

    anybody knows how i can get the backend SQL query for 'Invoice Lines' for <<sage X3 sale >> under invoices
  • Required stock in-transit reconciliation report.

    Amount is being posted into In-transit account through inter-site transfer and container management, but not able to reconcile. Hence need a report to reconcile the transactions with Goods In-transit A/c.
  • How can I use it to print with my fone this is what its showing

  • Filtering Customers by Company ID in Sage X3

    Hello Team, Could you help me with the following question. Is it possible to filter Customers by Company ID in Sage X3? If yes, could you describe how to do it? Regards, Andrew
  • Companies and Sites in Sage X3

    Hello Team, Could you please help me with the following questions? My Customer wants to filter invoices by Company and Site codes in Sage X3. But, I cannot find how to filter Customers by Company and Site codes. For example. I created two invoices. Both…
  • change the import of a file to another endpoint folder

    Hello I created an import template, which works great in one endpoint. However, when this import went well, I want to move the file to another folder (another endpoint).
  • Automatic allocation in Sage X3

    I would like to setup autoallocation for Customer backorders and NOT for manufacturing workorders. I tried various combinations but obviously not the right one. Can someone have an idea how to address this? THank you Pat
  • year closing

  • 4GL embedded Sql query presenting error on script run.

    Let me start by saying: Everything is DONE, except the sql query fails. This is the last piece holding up deployment. I am trying to embed a sql query in a 4gl script to pull specific data into a variable set, then email the results on a nightly scheduled…
  • MongoDB error

    Dear all After connection to PU9 No function can be opened. Getting error BSONObj size: -1691374161 (0x9B2FADAF) is invalid. Size must be between 0 and 16793600(16MB) First element: 4 w -3 7 ئ 1 (Ű E T e t`~ Y g %9g rͮ y g ` Z H3] F : ?type=-74 …
  • Statistical Parameters

    Is there a guide on how to use or setup a statistical parameter that can be used in the landing page? I'm learning how to use landing pages and see that using a requester does not have the option to filter on the data inthe landing page but appears the…
  • Control ADDON to licenses tool.

    How can we control our ADDON so that if the client does not have the license, he can not execute the functions? We want that if the client installs the ADDON patches, but does not install the license, it can not execute the ADDON functions. Do we have…
  • Process link to a a classic function not working

    Hi Guys, From a process on my landing page, i am trying to link it to a classic function, but it is not working. It is leading me to the User representation instead. Please see below the image to have more insight on the issue. Thanks
  • Location Special Characters

    Hi everyone, I am currently facing a problem with X3, and I'd like to clarify this with you. I would like to know if its possible for the location to have special characters as "-", It is really important and urgent. I'd like to know what are…
  • Why are there WOS for the 4th of July

    The fourth of July is listed in the unavailable section, but MRP still suggested work orders with an end date of the 4th. What could cause that ?
  • what does "Rollback following error in transaction" mean?

    My user noticed this message in the log after they ran automatic allocations. Unsure what the message means though.
  • format datetime$ to a string

    Hello, I'd like to convert datatime in a field to a string. Using datetime$ gives me '2018-06-20T07:47:32Z'. How can I get rid of all the signs between the digits? Thanks Ania
  • Error with Setting Up Cubes

    I use a MYX3 image and on setting up a cube on SDMA, i am unable to proceed after entering the parameters. I get the notification "You are not currently connected to a domain". See attachment.
  • Welcome to the Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics forum!

    Welcome to the Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics forum. In this discussion forum, you can post and answer questions and share best practices and ideas about Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics. While this forum is monitored by Sage, any SDMA user…