Sage X3 upgrade from V PU9 to V12


Dear Sage City forum users,

we're currently looking for someone who has already tried or experienced migration from Sage X3 vPU9 to v12. We currently have one project where we've been asked to "test" this migration internally and see how this may work and which impacts it may have on the initial Save VPU9 folder. It seems that there's nothing really helpful on Sage help center on this matter ("Please contact us"), nor specific migration tools in place.

The question is: is there a specific way to migrate from vPU9 to v12 (at least the basics) or should we rather start from scratch again and migrate data? There will definitely be key differences and manual setup to do (ex: security - Syracuse!) but the more we can automate, the smoother for the end-users.

one of the partners suggested that we have to do the installation, configuration, and then migration from scratch.

I know that such a project can be discussed for hours, but the basic approach/experience someone had would be more than helpful already.

Many thanks in advance for your kind answer(s) on this matter!