How to get clob text from a representation

Hi guys,

We are trying to return the clob text using a representation. Some time ago we saw this website How to add a clob text to a representation class @ L.V. Expertise X3 ( that explains how to add a clob text to a representation.

Even though we have been trying to follow these and tweak it to fullfill our needs, we have not been able to make it work. When we use postman (HTTP request) to check whether the representation returns data or no, we receive all the information excluding the clob field, which has a "null" value all the time.

In addition to this, we have also checked standard representations and if we use postman once again, the clob fields data is not returned.

How can I define the representation in order to get a clob field that is stored in a table?

Thanks in advances!

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    Due to security reasons its not to retrieve CLOB/BLOB fields via Representations external to the Sage X3 architecture. Meaning you can add the CLOB/BLOB onto a Class/Representation and it will be visible when navigating to it from within Sage X3. But if you are to make a REST call via Syracuse the CLOB/BLOB value will be excluded from the JSON body.

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