Generate location-based cycle count with ABC calculation filter.



My question is simple.

We do cycle counts based on location ranges. However, when you select Location, the ABC selection becomes unavailable, and I've been unable to figure out a "Locations" Count formula to include the ABC class. Likewise, if I select product, ABC selection becomes available, but you can no longer filter by location range...

Anyone have any ideas?

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    I am confused when you say : 

    We do cycle counts based on location ranges.

    So either you want Sage X3 to suggest the products to be counted based on the last count date & frequency (set per class), this is typical cycle count, OR you want the system to suggest to count all the stock on a specific location (or locations selection). But you can't mix both at the same time.

    • If you partially count a product (by restricting the location to count), then its last count date is not update (so neither the next count date) so this is NO cycle count but still useful to fix a specific error.
    • If you do a location count, then the system display all the stock on the selected location(s).

    So if you want the system to suggest the products whose last count date + frequence =< Today but want to count per location (sorting criteria) and not per product, then I suggest you to set the session this way:

    Finally you can do a stock count mixing location & ABC class as criteria BUT this will not be considered as a cycle count (hence will not update the next coutn date). This can be achieve this way (no Global selected):

    And now the both ABCD class & the location filters are available.

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      , thank you for your answer.

    • We cannot count by product
    • We don't look at when to count or next count date or frequency, I just count as time permits from the first location range to the last over the course of the year
    • All products are in 1 location only, so they will never be partially counted
    • We have 8000 locations at about 200 locations per isle
    • I have to count 1 isle per day and only have 1 hour to do it, so 200 lines is the absolute maximum I can count at a time
    • Counting via location range (ie. 23A1A to 23F6E) is what we do to get a limited number of products to count, and by the end of the fiscal we would have counted the entire warehouse 4 times.
    • I'm just wondering if the "Locations" formula box can look at the ITMFACILIT field ABCCLS to only generate items based on the boolen so for example, [F:ITF]ABCCLS = 1 would be all 'A' class items. However, ITMFACILIT is not linked in the context of the locations formula field and does not work.
    • I tried (func AFNC.INTFLD('ITMFACILIT','ABCCLS',[F:STO]ITMREF+'~'+[FLSTO]STOFCY) = 1 but this didn't work. Every single item is returning the value of "2".
    • Here's how we set up counts:

    It's only one parameter - the location range, and we count all the products in the range regardless of when they were last counted. If I could add [F:ITF]ABCCLS = 1 for example to the location formula box in image 2 there, then my thinking is that it would only generate a count sheet with products that are class A. But as I said above, it doesn't work haha. 

    If this is not possible, I do have a second solution to count via status that is a bit more cumbersome, but will still work if needed so it's not the end of the world.

    Thank you,


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    What is the difference you have noted beween performing a stock count per location (as you described) and a stock count per product with manual selection without Global selection ticked (last suggestion in my previous email)?

    I expect the count list to be similar for the same selection EXCEPT that the suggested solution enable selection on product so you can select per ABC class but as well using the formula on the product tables (including ITF):

    I understand that this should meet your demand.

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     thanks for your answer. I didn't realize you had unchecked Global so I was very confused when your location range was not greyed out. I understand now. This is indeed the answer.