Regarding Sage X3 v12p34 update notes

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I have some questions:

[1] About GraphQL: Is there a direct link to the new details? How do I extend a new GraphQL custom code?


Add-on packages for Sage X3 API dictionary

You can create new add-on packages in the dictionary for customizing and extending the Sage X3 GraphQL API.

Packages help you manage your extensions securely and can be associated with activity codes. Packages can be extensions of other packages.



Automatic generation of GraphQL node definitions

GraphQL API schemas are described in the Sage X3 metadata dictionary. You can easily extend standard APIs, including customizations, and create new queries and operations.

The API menu contains all the links needed to view or extend the Sage X3 GraphQL APIs: packages, data models, node bindings, binding dictionary, and operations.

The tables and data models contain property names in friendly GraphQL notation and package information.

Custom GraphQL query schemas are generated when node bindings are validated after data models or operations are saved.

See for more information to extend and use the Sage X3 GraphQL APIs.


[2] Secure connection? Is there anything to set for this other than updating powershell 7 and running: `Install-Module -Name SqlServer -Scope AllUsers -force`?


Microsoft SQL Server secure connection with the console

You can create a Microsoft SQL Server secure connection and benefit from the latest Microsoft SQL Server security settings.

Microsoft SQL Server secure connections require the PowerShell SQL Server module release 22 or later.

See the prerequisites and installation documentation for all components concerning PowerShell and the Microsoft SQL Server module for PowerShell.


[3] Where do I register for this?


Register your organization and companies

As an administrator, you can register your organizations and companies with Sage in the Organizations menu to access Sage online services such as e-invoicing, tax number validation, artificial intelligence, and other services that elevate and streamline your business workflow through your Sage account.

Registering your organization and companies provides secure authentication when using Sage services outside of Sage X3 with no additional effort.`


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  • hi  ,

    I would suggest you reach out to your local support group. some of the items you are asking about have documentation and some do not.

    example. the SQL Secure connection is done from the Management…

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