Is there a way to get a PO-direct to customer to hit the COGS account instead of the RNI?


I must be missing something, or forgetting something, because I am baffled that a Direct to Customer PO invoice would DR the RNI account when there is no receipt.  In fact, the programming won't allow you to create a receipt. 

The account is defaulted by the purchase type, which then looks to the accounting code.  If I change the line of the accounting code to the COGS, then it is true for every situation, which will throw off the RNI in a normal receive and ship transaction.  

I have tried an Action workflow, but I was unable to get it to change the account.  [This is my preferred method.] 

Does it really involve customizing an Auto Journal at invoicing to CR the RNI and DR COGS? 

I really hope that I am missing something obvious, and that someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you

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    The way I solved this:

    1. Created new accounting code text for the COGS account

    2. Added the accounting code text to the product accounting code line

    3. Updated all Product accounting codes with the proper COGS account for the new line

    4. Copied the PIHI Auto Journal

    5. Updated lines 20,22,23,25 by selecting the new accounting code line,(index), for the Purchase type <=1, then I removed the Formula,[F:CAL]ACC(0), from the Account Legal line in the formula areas.  

    6. Created specific Invoice type for drop ships and associated the new auto journal to the invoice type. 

    This is the cleanest and most effective way I could find especially since the customer wanted to have different COGS accounts per site. 

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