Is there a way to get a PO-direct to customer to hit the COGS account instead of the RNI?


I must be missing something, or forgetting something, because I am baffled that a Direct to Customer PO invoice would DR the RNI account when there is no receipt.  In fact, the programming won't allow you to create a receipt. 

The account is defaulted by the purchase type, which then looks to the accounting code.  If I change the line of the accounting code to the COGS, then it is true for every situation, which will throw off the RNI in a normal receive and ship transaction.  

I have tried an Action workflow, but I was unable to get it to change the account.  [This is my preferred method.] 

Does it really involve customizing an Auto Journal at invoicing to CR the RNI and DR COGS? 

I really hope that I am missing something obvious, and that someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you