• Would it be possible for a Attachment in Sage X3 on a Products "ITMMASTER" screen be referenced when Printing from the Work Order "MFGHEAD" screen?

    Hello All, I have an interesting ask from our User base. We have Word Documents that are required to be printed when ever as a Check sheet each time a user prints a work order. Here's the twist the Word documents are unique to each product or groups of…
  • Accounting Balance not equaling Customer Open Total on the Customer Statement

    We have an email that goes out with the customer's statement. The Customer Open Total on the Customer Statement is $0.54 off from the Accounting Balance that is sent out in the body of the email. This is the formula that is used in the email: "BLCC":…
  • report for balance of inventory of what was produced

    anyone know of a sage standard report, or how can create a report, where can get the balance of what is in inventory of a given point in time of something that was manufacturered? I'm drawing a blank on where to start. know it would be stock transactions…
  • Quantity sold from finished goods produced

    Does anyone know if there is a Sage standard report that can display the quantity sold to customer from what was produced via production tracking?
  • Deleted Delivery's

    is there a way to track when & who deleted a delivery on an order? We are having some issues with duplicate deliverys.
  • How to print GEN invoice and a FIN invoice

    How do you print a GEN invoice and a FIN invoice?
  • When I'm trying to add an SEI report to Sage X3, it shows an error.

    When I'm trying to add an SEI report to Sage X3, it shows an error. Here is the error message:
  • Customer Transaction History

    Hi There, We are looking for a Customer Transaction History report, so we can see payment of invoices but also credits that have been applied and where they were used. It seems in other versions of Sage that this kind of report exists. Thanks.
  • Workflow send crystal report pdf with different parameters

    Good day, I'm trying to use workflow standard rules to send a pdf (report created in crystal) to some users. Standard usege works fine for me, but I need to send, in my case, an sell order printed with different setup (for example outside with prices…
  • [v12p34] Unable to print Crystal Report dynamic image pulled from HTTP on a HTTPS website

    Hi, Context: - Sage X3 v12p34, single-tier (HTTPS; currently having issue) - AI image server (HTTP, inside Sage X3 v12p34 server, address used assume: http://localhost:58888/) - Sage X3 v12p26, single-tier (HTTPS; control) - Crystal Report 2020…
  • Unable to stop a print job in Reports > Print Supervision (PSIMP)

    Sage X3 v12p32 Per title. No idea on cause but I have a print job here which cannot be killed from Reports > Print Supervision (PSIMP) and it is taking up 1/5 max concurrent print queue. I have tried to turn off the print server but the print…
  • unmatching

    Hi what report can i pull to view who has unmatched receipts? thank you.
  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Solutions vs X3 Out of the Box Financial Reporting

    Up until the last couple of years as it relates to the financial reporting and analytical needs my clients seemed to have been satisfied with the out of the box budgeting and financial reporting capabilities that X3 has to offer and/or if they were looking…
  • Running a Crystal Report with a range parameter from Web Services using (CWSGPRTRT) Generic Print Report

    We have set up an outside App that calls the Generic Print Report (GWSGPRTRPT). You pass the report name, language, destination, and an array of parameter names and values separated by "~". We have gotten this process to work, but only if the specific…
  • Expanding the image in Attachment

    Hi, how to expand this attached image other than right click and open in new tab? The provided Sage X3 sizing is very constricted and is difficult to read the details for the product.
  • Purchase/Work order Requisitions report in Sage X3

    Hello, I am a new user of Sage X3. Is there a report within Sage X3 that can list all of the Purchase/work order requisitions? If so, how do I get into it?
  • Sage X3 - What report can I use to show Customers by Pay terms?

    I need a report to pull daily for my Credit Card and EFT's.
  • Recurring Tasks report destinations

    I have a crystal report that I would like to setup a recurring task for and have it email the file each day. I setup the task using task code AIMP and in parameters set the destination to "email" but it does not allow me to choose a email recipient address…
  • Sage X3 - Sub-ledgers

    Where can I find sub-ledger reports in Sage X3 for debtors and creditors control accounts?
  • Sage X3 - Cloper Report Errors

    What does the error message mean "$VERF_GIC Intercompany entry not validated" and how do I resolve it?
  • Finding Lot numbers on Unconfirmed Deliveries

    Our business would like to print packing slips before delivery confirmation. In most cases, I can see the lot numbers from screen WK4STD1 but I cannot find the table where that lot is stored. SDELIVERYD seems to only have a lot number for some records…
  • Sage X3 automatic check printing

    Sage X3 How do I print multiple checks to one vendor when I am printing a batch?
  • Generate separate PDF files of invoices from Crystal Report and send them by email to customers

    Dear community, we are trying to understand if a specific action is achievable with Crystal Reports. At the moment we are printing invoices by customer and invoices range and we get one PDF file with all the invoices inside. This file is then sent…
  • General Ledger Detail

    Is there a report set up in Sage X3 version 12 that gives general ledger detail? We would like to see the date, the vendor, description of what was purchased, the type of transaction, the amount and the running total....in no particular order. The only…

    Hello, Is it possible to change the date format on one of the fields in the payment proposal report (PAYPROPLIST)? If so, where can I do that? This report is not accessible through the normal means I am familiar with. Regards, Dave