• due date calculation query on sage x3

    Hi. If I have a purchase invoice being created in the AP/AR ledger, and the supplier is set up as 30 days payment terms from invoice date, then I am not getting what I expect to get on the calculated due date. ie if I put in an invoice date of 01/04/24…
  • Rework

    Hello everyone, I'm using Sage-X3, with versioning and serial number management. We have a few special cases, but they happen regularly and that I must deal with. I don't see how to proceed. However, the approach is similar for these 3 points. …

  • Discrepancy Between Stock Valuation Report and Account Balance

    I compared my Stock valuation report with the Account balance (INVENTORY ) , and they don't match. How can I find the transactions that caused this discrepancy.
  • Error Deleting BP (Supplier)

    When I try to delete a BP (Supplier) , I encounter the error below. Upon investigation, I discovered a record in the BALANCE table. How can I find the screen related to the BALANCE table in Sage X3 or delete the records from Sage X3?
  • Version Control Items - Question on Sales Order Allocations

    When you have a finished good item that is version controlled the system will allow you to input a sales order where the major and minor version of the item that the customer desires can be specified. If you have multiple versions of the item on hand…
  • Cycle Counts

    In a cycle count session, I do a range of products. During entering the counts, I have a product that the system is showing zero inventory, but I find some inventory, how do I add that qty to my count? when I put in a qty it doesn't allow me to continue…
  • Printing a Zero Check

    Hello, I need to create a zero "0" check in accounts payable to clear open credits and debits on a Supplier/Vendor. Can this be done?
  • Error 13 : Calculation capacity exceeded in Accounting Task

    Hi, Context: - Sage X3 v12p34. - Working with both US Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah and 1 USD = 15,888 IDR from Google as a reference. - The company is big so the client would like to know the currency max limit supported by Sage. When checking…
  • Prevent use of existing Lot numbers in Receipts

    I have a client that would like to put a control on the Lot field in Receipts. They want more than just disabling the field in the entry transaction. They use BP Lot numbers and recently had a user assign an old Product Lot number to the receipt through…
  • How to find function source code ?

    I need to find the calculations or script for the 'Stock by product' function. Is there an SQL script for that, and how can I find it?
  • CRUD Operations using SOAP on sage x3

    Hi All, I was trying to delete a record from sage x3 using SOAP web service but I cannot see any online example of deleting through SOAP. Can we delete a record using SOAP web service from sage x3 ? If yes, can anybody please provide me with an example…
  • Customer BP Invoice Function , Field (TAX) allows for display/input.

    Hi Sage X3 Folks! Can the 'Tax' be inputted/edited in the Customer BP invoice? I am not sure about this process. I already changed the input to enter, but still no luck. Any of you know this process?
  • When creating a credit memo for a return

    When we are creating a credit memo for a return for a customer, we are receiving the following error message:
  • Editing the Sales Rep on a posted Invoice

    Is there a way to edit a posted invoice's sales rep?
  • Unbalanced journal Legal when running Stock Accounting Interface

    I tried to run the GTEST to find out the reason that caused the error I'm curious about what caused the automatic journal to post so many lines and why no amount and lines are reflected on the credit side. Thanks in advance for your assistance…
  • Reopen a sales order that was closed by accident

    We have a sales order that was closed by accident. Partly delivered, partially invoiced. Is it possible to reopen this somehow?
  • Invoice Elements Not Appearing

    We have an invoice element and are entering a dollar amount when trying to create a proforma invoice. However, when we print, it does not appear. How can this be corrected?
  • check receipts bank deposit sage x3

    Our check receipts are stuck in the Bank Deposit stage after clicking on the milestone. We have all of the bank information filled in, but are unsure of why they aren't available to be posted. We can't seem to be able to move it to the next stage.
  • Invoicing a REC in X3

    I have just started doing A/P after employee left. I have very little notes and no training. Does anyone have a step by step instructions for this process. I am stuck that I am unable to get a REC to 'post'. Thank you, cheryl
  • What are the Journal Entries involved for - Sales Order to Pick Ticket to Delivery

    Hi There, We were wondering if someone could shed some light on the journal entries that occur at different points of the sales process. What is the process between the journal entries, pick, ship and invoice. We have a clearing account - credit sales…
  • ADC Pick Tickets Connection Error

    Hello. I've encountered an issue while testing shipment preparation in ADC. Everything works fine until I attempt to change the status of the pick ticket to deliverable. At this point, I consistently receive the following error message: "An error occurred…
  • Closing sessions when locked in a record

    Sometimes, a user can lock themselves into a record - leaving that record unable to be changed/modified. Is there a way for a user to clear their own session/locked symbol? As of right now, only our ERP team has access to the "locked symbols" tab. We…
  • Error calculation of the manufacturing cost price WO - The value of the activity code 'NMM' is not sufficient

    Hello, When launching the function (FUNWIPMFC) calculation of the manufacturing cost price WO, I encounter the following error message:"The value of the activity code 'NMM' is not sufficient" I changed the screen dimension without result, for the…
  • Open Order allocation issue

    We're running into issues when trying to process delivery requests for Open Orders. We will have exactly enough stock of a product in the system that is on a delivery request for an Open Order, the stock will ONLY be allocated to that Open Order, but…