• Question about translating Administration module.

    Hi, Reference used: - Where to locate the locales for languages - https://online-help.sagex3.com/erp/12/howtoguides/en-US/legislations/Add%20a%20non%20standard%20language/Content/How-to%20guides/Legislation/Add%20a%20non-standard%20language/T1%20Add…
  • Order number on Open Items panel

    I'm trying to display the order number from either the SINVOICED or SINVOICEV table in the "Open Items" left panel for A/P-A/R accounting payments. I have it all setup, but the value is always <empty>. I know there is data that could be displayed, it…
  • Creating Buttons in Sage X3 Screens

    I need to create a button on the screens, but in Sage X3, I only found small icons. Is there a way to create it?
  • Navigation Menu Blank White Screen after importing a Functional Profile to a New Profile

    I setup an Import Template for Function profile because I needed to do a mass update of site-grouping without losing the options. I exported a functional profile, made changes including to replace the x3 code of the profile to the new code and the import…
  • Unknown warning upon login - Access to the ERPMAN badge(s) has not been granted

    Hello, One of our user groups randomly started experiencing this warning upon logging in. Does anyone know a fix? Thank you, Zoey
  • Home Pages - Process flow

    Hi folks! I am working on landing pages and I am still not getting this right. Has anyone been able to customize pages? I would like to make this visible in my Test Page
  • SAGE X3 L4G

    hello how to "grizo" a screen before using the creation that means after creation the screens will never have "grizo" and Thank you very much

    Hi. I have v12 (2023 R2 (12.0.34)) and I create new window type Miscelaneus and Display = Full screen. I add two new buttons with code z an i , one validating and another no validating. In SETBOUT ACTION, I add this lines: Call VIREBOUT(CHAINE…
  • How to write Sales order Header and Footer Text through web service

    Hi, I have a custom screen with a Create Sales Order button. As soon as user clicks on the button, I am calling a webservice to create Sales order. How do I write the Header and Footer text from my Custom screen to Sales order screen using the web…
  • Generate a pick ticket programatically

    Hi there Is there some way to generate a pick ticket through code using only a sales order number? Ie. what the "Preparation" button does in a sales order? Thank you Zoey
  • Navigation bar is strange

    Hi there, My navigation bar changed overnight. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened. Everyone else's seems to be normal. Several items displays alternative text that does not align with the rest of the users. "Inventory" instead of Stock…
  • Econnreset read on Create "Customization and Menus initialization"

    Hi, I'm doing try install version 12.0.27 and when I start create "Customization and Menus initialization" the aplication returns "econnrest read" like picture below: Any suggestion ? Thanks
  • 404 not found error when creating new request object

    In code block below I am getting a 404 error when creating the request. I assume i need to provide the full path but can't find the documentation as to what that path is. This began with the lastest patch level. It worked as is before this. Anyone…
  • How to insert PDF files in Rest WS - EXEC_REST_WS

    Hello, I use the EXEC_REST_WS function to send a json to a REST web service but I don't know how to insert a pdf file. There is a parameter in the function (Clbfile DATA) to pass parameters in json format, but I don't know how to insert a pdf file into…
  • Rest WS

    Hello, I am trying to create a Signaturit request (GET/POST), but I cannot find documentation. I am trying with ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS but in the WS test in Sage. Thank you so much.
  • Default value for specific components

    Hello, Im looking for solution to add default component value in function GESDBY Disassembly. I tried to use something like this: $APRES_CRE For i=0 To max([M:DBY1]NBLIG -1) if [M:DBY1]ITMREF(i) = "X" [M:DBY1]PRIORD(i) = 17 Affzo [M:DBY1]PRIORD…
  • Target entity not found

    Hello everyone, When trying to create a sales invoice in a custom development we get the application error 162: Target entity not found[D,A,A2,464]. Error code is 102. Unfortunately the error message not helps me to identify the cause of the problem…
  • Color-picker widget node js

    Hello, I'm trying to use the color-picker bundle but it does not seem to work following this tutorial . Has anyone been able to install it correctly? Thanks in advance.
  • Error Message when making a call to the function in the node.js/java script file

    Hi, We try to call the function in the node.js/java script file as suggested in the link below, but face an error message as below when we call the function from Sage X3. https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagex3/2021/09/21/how-to-write-encode-function…
  • Add ITMMASTER field into Buyers Planning

    Hi everyone! Is there anyway to add an ITMMASTER field into the Buyers Planning screen PPI2 ? I have some custom fields from ITM table to help me select some items to order that I would like to had into PPI2 screen. I tried the SPE for that, but…
  • Manual Matching (LETTRAGE) screen - actions are not being called?

    Hello, I want to make a simple specific script modification for the manual matching screen (SPELTR) however, it seems that actions do not work on the screen. The code is as follows: $ACTION Case ACTION When "AVANTBOUT" : gosub ZSOLCPT When default…
  • Customer Sales Returns Picking Criteria

    Hi Everyone, I need to add a couple of fields to the criteria window. The fields in question, are the SOHNUM and CUSORDREF fields from the SORDER Table. The screen in question is the SCRITSRH screen. Adding them to the Screen was pretty easy and they…
  • Sage X3 Search index journals

    We would like to index GACCENTRY for search but it looks like it is not one of the entities available for selection by default. How can we add this to the search indexing functionality?
  • How to emulate pressing the tab key in a X3 grid in 4gl code?

    Hi. I need to emulate pressing the tab key in a grid field, in x3 4gl language. Is this possible? I have managed to position the focus on a field with: zonsui = "[M:PTH1]LOC("+ num$(nolign-1) + ")" but now I need to emulate pressing the tab key…
  • SafeX3 - 4GL - How to read .xls files

    Hi, I need to read .xls files for import customization development activity. Does anybody know if is possible or not ? Regards, Roberto