• Drive Import / Local Import

    Hi SageX3 Community! I would like to ask a question and need your development expertise. Have you explored the possibility of importing files in Sage X3 through a drive or using local files? I am interested to learn if anyone has done this project…
  • Negative value in Stock valuation receipt

    I have downloaded stock valuation report for previous month. the ending balance is showing negative balance. In between the opening stock and activity, i made reciept. but the system is not considering the received stock balance.
  • ROP Processing in Sage X3

    Hello, Can anyone explain how to set up purchase suggestions using Reorder Point (ROP)? We are currently not using manufacturing, so we need purchase suggestions from ROP processing. However, I am unsure about how the quantity is determined for the…
  • A query calendar on dashboard missing certain values

    I have created a calendar view based on X3 query. I used Dictionary of view for building the X3 query, and the query itself runs fine, however, when converted into a calendar view, it's missing the record with a value of larger than 17 almost. I have…
  • Fixed Asset Deletion prohibited: Events posted

    I'm having trouble deleting a fixed asset as it's showing the following error. Can anyone help explain why this is happening? It seems to occur only for some assets, while others can be deleted easily.
  • MT940 - when imported from file splits

    Hi, I wonder if anyone came across this before and what was the fix? the MT940 file when downloaded form the bank, it creates multi page format which has additional segments 60M and 62M. When imported to X3 (V12), it generates multiple statements…
  • Incorrect Sequence number getting generated

    Hello, While creating intersite transfer, I selected a doctype (GMI), but the generated entry number doesn't match the sequence number format set up for the doctype; instead, it follows the sequence for another doctype (INT). Oddly, when I choose a…
  • we have two site one site already have one supplier in same supplier to add in another site

    we have two site one site already have one supplier in same supplier to add in another site getting error Already Exist,Please Try Another GST Number.
  • Disabling all the fields in GESSRH function except the Returned Qty field based on function profile

    Hi, I have a request to disable all the fields from GESSRH function except the returned quantity field in the Grid for certain function profiles. I have tried Grizo all the fields and actzo the qty field but it does not seem to be working with Grid…
  • Sage x3 Webservices

    Hello all, I am new to development of Sage x3 webservices. I have encountered a problem for whom I cannot find any solution please guide me if anyone has knowledge about this, I am trying to create new supplier using the SOAP web services, I have been…
  • Where does a cash requirement table TMPCSRQ get populated?

    Does anyone know where or how a cash requirement table TMPCSRQ gets populated? The report code that is used is NA-CSHREQ.
  • Adding Administrative screens to a process map in V11 results in JSON screen

    Hi there, We'd like to add administrative screens such as Users and Batch Server as links in a process map, but directly copying the link or using a relative link such as /sdata/syracuse/collaboration/syracuse/batchServers?representation=batchServer…
  • Maximum stock limit in Sage X3

    Hello, can anyone tell me how can I setup the maximum stock quantity for a product site. I tried adding it in product site but don't know how it works, the system still allows me to receive more stock. I need such a setup that once the maximum quantity…
  • Is it possible create new keyboard shortcuts in Sage?

    I was asked about a shortcut to print a screen array to an Excel export, instead of the user having to click "Excel Export". Thanks, Zoey
  • How to deallocate item from closed work order?

    The following material and lot # are tied to this work order order and the order has been closed. Is there any way we can re open the work order or deallocate it so that we can make the necessary transactions to get it out the system. Thank you
  • Default Locations

    I want to mass update all the existing products with their respective locations. However, when I am trying to export default locations along with the types, i don't know how to export multiple types. Upon exporting only receipt is getting exported. See…
  • Rework

    Hello everyone, I'm using Sage-X3, with versioning and serial number management. We have a few special cases, but they happen regularly and that I must deal with. I don't see how to proceed. However, the approach is similar for these 3 points. …

  • Original Online Help

    Really do NOT like the new online help. Is there anyway to access the original online help pages? What happened to all my "Favorites" in the original online help.
  • Navigation Menu Blank White Screen after importing a Functional Profile to a New Profile

    I setup an Import Template for Function profile because I needed to do a mass update of site-grouping without losing the options. I exported a functional profile, made changes including to replace the x3 code of the profile to the new code and the import…
  • CRUD Operations using SOAP on sage x3

    Hi All, I was trying to delete a record from sage x3 using SOAP web service but I cannot see any online example of deleting through SOAP. Can we delete a record using SOAP web service from sage x3 ? If yes, can anybody please provide me with an example…
  • Fixed Assets - Change holding type

    Hi all, An asset was wrongfully created with 'Template' as holding type and the status of context is showing the calculation red because of it. Changing the accounting posting does not work because of the holding type chosen originally - it gives…
  • Unknown warning upon login - Access to the ERPMAN badge(s) has not been granted

    Hello, One of our user groups randomly started experiencing this warning upon logging in. Does anyone know a fix? Thank you, Zoey
  • Home Pages - Process flow

    Hi folks! I am working on landing pages and I am still not getting this right. Has anyone been able to customize pages? I would like to make this visible in my Test Page
  • Rest API Web service for Post request on the PRECEIPT representation.

    Hello fellow community, I have been trying to POST records on the PRECEIPT representation but I am unable to do that. I have enabled the edit facets in the representation, checked the modification creation ,methods but still seeing no luck in using the…